Monday, November 29

The violent protests in Paraguay against the modification of a law that punishes the invasion of private lands

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protesters in Asuncion

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Armed with arrows and rubber bands, the protesters confronted the Paraguayan police.

A mobilization led by peasant and indigenous groups that took place this Wednesday in Asunción, the Paraguayan capital, ended with dozens of injuries and disturbances in different parts of the city.

Among the wounded, according to a report from the police headquarters, there is an agent who was hit by an arrow.

The riots began when the 80-member Chamber of Deputies, with a majority vote of 49 members of the ruling Colorado Party, approved the modification of a law that increases the penalty from four to six years in prison for those who illegally occupy private property.

Now the law must be signed by President Mario Abdo Benítez for it to enter into force.

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