Wednesday, November 30

The Virgin airline allows its workers to choose the uniform according to their gender identity

The company Virgin Atlantic Airways has made a leap in its policy of gender identityand you’re already giving all your workers the option to use any of your uniformswith pants or skirtdepending on how they feel most comfortable each of them.

The sets, designed by the prestigious firm Vivienne Westwoodthey are composed of a burgundy jacket and pants, or scarlet jacket and skirt.

The UK-based airline is owned by billionaire businessman Richard Bransonwho has ensured that both the cabin crewLike the pilots and the ground staff could choose the uniform that “best represents them“.

It will also offer passengers the option of wear a pin indicating the pronoun of their choice when they check in (‘She/her’, ‘He/his’ or ‘They/them’), and is updating the ticketing systems to allow you to select gender codes U or X in your reservation and use the gender neutral title MX.

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The announcement comes after the decision that, at the beginning of this year 2022, several american airlines to allow travelers to buy tickets with a gender marker X by the end of 2024. In April, the United States Department of State it also implemented a policy that allows Americans to select the X marker on their passports. In March, Alaska Airlines it also gave staff the option of choosing which uniform to wear and announced that it would introduce gender-neutral garments.

Virgin Atlantic’s chief commercial officer, Juha Jarvinenexplained in a press release that they want “allow our people to wear the uniform that best suits them and make sure our customers are served with the pronouns they prefer.”

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