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The Virgin of Sorrows and Jesus of Humility of Badajoz premiere restored

The image of María Santísima del Mayor Dolor after the restoration of Kantowitz. / ARNELAS JV

The brotherhood of merchants hopes to show this Monday the result of the intervention carried out by Kantowitz

Evaristo Fdez de Vega

The stage that Mariví Valor has had to live as the elder sister of the brotherhood of merchants is not being easy. Her arrival in office after Easter 2018 culminated a few months later with a beautiful procession watered by a shower of petals that made her even more beautiful.

But eleven months later, with everything ready, she spent the most bitter Holy Monday of her life confined at home, a situation that was repeated in each and every one of the homes of the 450 brothers who make up this brotherhood, one of the most popular from the city.

Two years have passed and the Brotherhood of Our Father Jesús de la Humildad, Jesús del Prendimiento and María Santísima de los Dolores tries to recover this Holy Monday a parade that has been interrupted for two years. In the brotherhood that has its headquarters in the Church of San Juan, it is not the first time that difficult times have been experienced. Half a century ago, Mariví’s grandfather, Pepe Salas, had to fight hard to put on the street a procession that was touched to death.

Saetas by Paco Rastrojo and María del Carmen Torrado in the offering of flowers to the Virgin

On this occasion the problem was not a lack of strength but a health crisis that prevented the parades. “Our only problem this Monday will be the weather. If it doesn’t rain, everything will be a success.”

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The older sister is aware that one of the strengths of her brotherhood is that she goes out on the street on a day when there is only one procession. That makes them unique protagonists.

But it is not its only value: the brotherhood’s relationship with the Extremadura XI Mechanized Brigade since General Ezequiel Moro gave the Virgin his general’s sash in 1992 has made the act in which the base general moves to La Concepción to participate in the act of imposing a sash on an image that many know as ‘La Generala’. This special relationship between the brotherhood and the Army allows its steps to be escorted by military volunteers who, as happens in other military cities, speak of the close relationship that exists between the military world and civil and religious society.

Trade will also be present in tonight’s parade, another of the lungs that breathe oxygen into a city that has one of its strengths in this sector.

Although the great attraction of the day will be the street premiere of the two parading images, which have not been able to go out in procession after being subjected to a laborious restoration process by Ricardo Augusto Kantowitz, whose workshop houses increasingly important works.


  • Foundation
    October 12, 1693.

  • Campus
    Church of the Immaculate Conception.

  • Steps. Our Father Jesus of Humility (Prayer in the Garden). Foreman
    Antonio Jesus Perez Gonzalez. 40 bearers. Holy Mary of Sorrows. Foreman: José Antonio Griñón Teodoro. 35 bearers.

  • musical accompaniment
    Band of Bugles and Drums Nuestra Señora del Rosario-Catalinos de Jerez de los Caballeros with the mystery step. Municipal Music Band of Talavera la Real with María Santísima de los Dolores.

  • Number of brothers

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Now the Virgin has four rock crystal tears that slide down her cheek –before this baroque carving only had three– and although its origin is still unknown, some details observed by Kantowitz place it closer to the workshops of Miguel Sánchez Taramas (San Vicente de Alcántara, 1668-1734), a sculptor and military engineer to whom the images of the Christ of Humility and also of the Virgin of Bótoa, patron saint of Badajoz, are attributed.

In the street the stretchers of the palio passage, which have been donated by the foremen of this passage, are also released. And the Virgin will carry a new rostrillo.

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