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The vital recipes of Ferran Adriá

Kitchen and Service students at the Hotel Escuela Santa Brígida following the explanations of chef Ferrán Adriá.

Kitchen and Service students at the Hotel Escuela Santa Brígida following the explanations of chef Ferrán Adriá.

Ferran Adriá gives a few tips for life to first and second year students of Kitchen and Service Management at the school hotels of the Canary Islands The chef, an icon of avant-garde cuisine even after having closed The Bulli, closed the academic year this Thursday with an online class in which the recommendations to face the future in the restaurant sector they prevailed over culinary secrets.

If you are going to set up a restaurant you should know everything, you must run the business because precisely by leaving it in the hands of a manager and not being aware of the accounts, 50% of these businesses do not exceed five years ”, Adriá warned the 200 first and second year students of Cuisine and Service that are trained in the Hecansa school hotels in Santa Brígida, Tenerife and La Gomera, and that online attended the master class with which the academic year was closed. The talk was also followed by professionals from the restaurant sector from the Hotel Los Camellos, in Agüimes.

From the headquarters of the El Bulli Foundation, Adriá answered questions about what business model to open at this time to be successful, what happens when creativity is blocked, what new dish would he make, what creation he is most proud of, or how he sees the influence his work has had among so many cooks who have passed through El Bulli, and to what role gastronomy plays in tourism today.

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The chef took the opportunity to give them all kinds of advice rather than reveal tricks and recipes to succeed in the kitchen. “Whether it’s a gastrobar or a restaurant, you have to do the numbers first, ask advice from those who have businesses, and if they decide, you have to take stock of how much you have and how much you owe, because you also have to pay taxes, “he replied.

Adriá even put himself in the shoes of future chefs who, like many young people, want to have an eight-hour workday and weekends off, a claim, which I have already made clear that “it is a handicap”, and more in these times .

He also said that when he started in the kitchen, at the age of 22, back in the 80’s, what a chef did was pick up a book and reproduce the recipes because “it was difficult to question something”, but although encouraged them to be innovative, suggested that not only theory is important when creating but also practice.

But who has received the highest gastronomic distinctions, including the Best Restaurant in the World by the British magazine Restaurant, or the S. Pellegrino award for four consecutive years; something that no other establishment has achieved so far, he confessed to these students that “we cooks think that we are the kings of the mambo and have realized that not only the dish but also the service is very important, so it is necessary to give a humility cure”. In this regard, he clarified to them that years ago a study was carried out in Paris that concluded that the first thing the client values ​​is the welcome, second the atmosphere, then the service and then the kitchen, so it must be clear that not all success It is on the stove as you think.

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Regarding the role that gastronomy plays in quality tourism, such as the Canary Islands, he revealed that as he belonged to a working-class family from Hospitalet, he could not enjoy luxury vacations, but the reality is thatThe reason 9 million people travel today is to enjoy the gastronomy of a place. On Canarian cuisine, which, as in all territories, specified that it has gained creativity, adding that not everything is a question of the product because the reality is that “the sea does not produce product for everyone, so it is also essential how that Canarian feeling is moves to the plates “..

Thus, the chef who has created a school, -more than 2,500 students have passed through El Bulli-, and has marked a before and after the gastronomic experiences, in this master class that he gave to the students of the Hecansa centers, he took the opportunity to give them one more piece of advice: “they must be trained at the highest level, and above all be” pragmatic and realistic “.

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