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The voice of the entire Harry Potter saga | Trends

They weren’t stories that her mother read to her every night as a child, but essays on mythology. “That’s why I know so much about this topic,” says Leonor Watling (Madrid, 1975) through a video call at the presentation of Audible, Amazon’s audiobooks. He has given voice ninee Harry Potter saga, playing hundreds of characters, including “the most difficult”: the villain Voldemort.

“Although reading is a primitive thing, it took this technology to return to it,” he says. “Unlike the audiovisual, which takes you, when you listen you have to fill in and do a very powerful exercise of imagination. I usually listen to Audible in the car, especially when we tour with my grouMarianogo, or with my children at home ”.

The actress, who premiered the series last November Nasdrovia At Movistar +, he continues to buy vinyls and bets on movie theaters because “the streaming it doesn’t offer you that level of immersion ”. It downloads applications, but ends up not using them. He confesses to having a certain lack of control with his mobile.

“I have a problem, because when you write, like me, you need to sit down and get bored, but with social networks the mobile ends up being a distraction. You even fool yourself by saying that you read interesting things. The most terrifying thing is that it has no end ”.

Between shootings and tours, Leonor Watling finds space to take garden, andr garden and thankes it thanks ninee Pl @ ntNet application.

Where he does put limits is on Instagram. “I don’t share my personal life. Sometimes I say something on Twitter, but in that I am analog. I understand that it is a showcase to speak to many people, not to share something private. This is where haters come from, it’s an anonymous place to get all your anger out. There is so much communication that you think your voice is heard and that is why you can give your opinion on everything ”. As for TikTok I would use it only out of imperative. “I can do silly things, like shoot at three in the morning or record a TikTok, but not voluntarily.”

Remember Mad Max and Logan’s Run as the dystopian films that have impacted you the most. “I think that in the cinema we like to imagine horrible things and see that we are better. That is why we have not become extinct ”. And of the most recent proposals recommends The dilemma of networks on Netflix. “Until seeing this documentary I had not thought about it. Digital is built on ones and zeros, and by including ourselves in this new reality we are trying to thoseur world nineose ones and zeros, like it or not, like it or not. We are becoming dual and life is more complex. It is not deepened, everything that does not fit there does not interest the digital world ”.

Eleanor Watling

For this reason, he believes that, although technology has always influenced us (“you can’t separate chemistry from paint either”), it is now that we are starting to have this conversation. “We have nineink about what digital world we want. In a few years, when we see children with tablets it will be like seeing pictures of doctors smoking now. There will be a generation that we will remember as the one that ate the digital age out of control. We must try not to widen the distance between those who have the technology and those who don’t, between those who handle it and those who don’t.

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