Thursday, February 29

The ‘war’ between the old guard of the League and Matteo Salvini sharpens

Matteo Salvini do not live quiet days. Since his dismal election result In the last Italian elections, in which he garnered only 8.9% of the vote (almost half of what he obtained in the previous 2018 elections), criticism of the far-right leader of the League has been constant. Now, however, the consequences are beginning to be tangible. Proof: Umberto Bossythe historic founder of the party, has decided to give life to a new current internal to the formationand has announced it with great fanfare.

The new political artifact will be called “North Commission” (Comitato Nord, in Italian), and its name already gives clues about its purposes. Bossi has also explained it to the Italian press. It is “a vital decision that aims to win back northern voters (from Italy), considering the electoral result of September 25”, said the old legüist politician. The goal is “relaunch the autonomist drive”added Bossi, thus joining the many representatives of the old guard of the League that since last week They have harshly questioned Salvini’s leadership.

As Bossi has explained, Northern Committee All those belonging to the ‘League for Salvini Premier’the political subject that Salvini created to transform the party founded three decades ago by Bossi into a party on a national scale and sovereignist court. Hence, Bossi’s decision supposes a step backwards, which recovers the origins of the Leaguewhose first name was precisely the Northern League for the Independence of Padania. According to the newspaper The Republicaccession operations have already started in Veneto and Lombardytwo cradle regions of the formation.

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Meloni, in silence

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It was no use that Salvini has insisted these days that it is going to fight precisely to achieve greater autonomy for the northern regions. Through a note released on Saturday by the League’s press office, the office specified that “after 30 years of battles, this will be the legislature that will finally carry out that regional autonomy that the Constitution provides for.” The issue “is on the program” of the coalition right-wing, and “it will cost nothing, on the contrary, it will save millions, bring citizens closer to politics, reduce waste and bureaucracy,” the statement added.

Giorgia Meloni has not commented on the matter. The leader of the Brothers of Italy, the party that leads the right-wing coalition and that multiplied its votes by six (also snatching a part of the electorate from the League), has returned this weekend to appear for the first time after his triumph, but only to attend a meeting of Coldiretti, one of the main Italian farmers’ associations, in Milan. And from there the policy addressed mainly the energy crisis. A separate matter has been the reaction of Salvin’s political rivalsYo. “The historical blow that the League has had makes us reflect. They have obtained (the same votes) as us, who were born a month and a half before (the elections)”, stressed the leader of the centrist Italia Viva, matthew renzi.

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