Tuesday, April 16

The Washington Commanders are Washington’s football team’s worst-kept secret after another leak

Finally, the new name of the Washington football team was revealed a day ahead of schedule. Brad Freitas, a helicopter reporter for NBC’s Washington affiliate, was flying over FedEx Field when the helicopter approached a stadium ride with the team’s new name, “Commanders,” in what appeared to be a backdrop. .

This is the second leak of the team names in five days and comes after operating as the Washington football team since 2020 after having a racist mascot and name as the team’s trademark.

A Twitter user discovered that the domain, Commanders.com, had been transferred to MarkMonitor, the company the NFL uses to handle most of its team and brand domain names. This was confirmed by the list of Internet Whois records that Commanders.com now handles domain monitoring.

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Currently, MarkMonitor is the official website registrar for the NFL and all but six NFL teams. The Washington football team uses GoDaddy, while the Cowboys, Patriots, Ravens, Raiders and Texans use Network Solutions.

Large organizations like the NFL will use companies like MarkMonitor to protect the brand website and provide website security. It works to combat cybersquatting and piracy, among other services.

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The list of names was whittled down to just seven at the start of the year, with several listed as being updated in the last year or two and owned by GoDaddy.

The domain for WFT is of course already handled by the team.

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It is common procedure for teams in the process of a name change to claim domains and trademarks for potential naming options. Cleveland’s MLB team ran into a problem when it announced its name change from the Indians to the Guardians, as it had not claimed the trademark or ownership of the team before announcing the name change, and found itself in a battle legal with a roller derby team. in Cleveland already named Guardians Roller Derby. The lawsuit was settled in November, according to Associated Press.

Two prominent names in the organization’s history have recently shared their thoughts on the name change. Veteran trainer Joe Gibbs told 106.7 The Fan he said it will be “bittersweet” to see the name change, but noted that he would still support the change.

“I think for our fans and all of us who love the Redskins, I feel like I’m the biggest Redskins fan in the world, whatever the name is, we’re Washington football fans, we’ll support it,” Gibbs said. saying.

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In another 106.7 The Fan interview, former Washington defensive end Charles Mann said he agreed the name needed to be changed, explaining that if someone finds the name offensive, “who are we to say it isn’t?”

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However, he also said he was told the final three for the name and explained that he was “not happy” with the choices.

“I’m not happy with the name,” Mann told 106.7 The Fan. “We were given all three names probably three months ago on a Zoom call, and we were asked about all three. We crucified all three names.”


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