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The water from the Júcar will relieve the Vinalopó three years after the last transfer

“The transfer is the only real guarantee so that we do not continue to have problems”

SILVIA VERDÚ – Councilor of Pinoso and Secretary of the Community of the Middle Vinalopó-Alacantí


The resolution has been approved by the Water Police Station, representing the presidency of the CHJ, the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation, and with it, the request made by the General Community of Users of Medio Vinalopó and l’Alacantí, dated July 23, in which a emergency irrigation by transferring the surface waters of the Júcar captured at its mouth of the Azud de la Marquesa, within the term of Cullera. The reason given for receiving the flows is based on the need to reduce the volumes pumped by the wells of the so-called Battery 8 -the Herrada wells- and, in this way, to be able to meet the pressing irrigation demands.

In the region many reservoirs are already empty and, specifically in Monovar, there is farmers who have not been able to irrigate their farms for five days due to lack of water resources. However, they consider that the cost of the cubic meter of the flow that they will receive from next Friday is too high to maintain the profitability of their crops. This time the price has been set at 29.5 cents per cubic meter of water plus VAT.

Silvia Verdú, councilor for Agriculture and Water Resources of Pinoso and secretary of the General Community of Users of Medio Vinalopó and l’Alacantí, highlighted the “tireless work” that has been carried out by the City Council and the Community, together with the Confederation del Júcar and the general management of Aguas, so that the transfer is again a reality. “It is the only real guarantee that there is a water supply and that we will not have, now or ever, more supply problems. In this area there are no rivers or desalination plants and the wells are overexploited, so the only alternative we have left is the transfer and, therefore, long-term agreements must be reached to guarantee that all the post-transfer and water works are completed. del Júcar can reach all towns ”, stressed the mayor.

A year ago today, the Aspe City Council requested the Government to send an urgent relief irrigation of 6.3 cubic hectometres of the Júcar-Vinalopó under the same economic conditions as those established in the extraordinary discharges of the years 2014 and 2018. The A proposal that the IU government took to the plenary session also urged the Ministry to sign the definitive agreement that provides 20 cubic hectometres of the transfer for five years at a reasonable price. In the same way, the state authorities were requested to comply with the necessary procedures so that the province had a definitive agreement, signed between the Administration and the Central Board of Users of Vinalopó, l’Alacantí and the Marina Baixa. An agreement that includes an economic-financial scheme to make the availability of economically affordable water feasible for the primary sector and that, at the same time, ensures the supply of the cities and municipalities of these regions. The request of the Aspe City Council was not answered but a year later the water from the Júcar returns to irrigate the thirsty fields of the Vinalopó.

Pinoso receives the president of the CHJ at the water forum

The announcement of the arrival in the region of Medio Vinalopó of a new water supply from the Júcar has been made in Pinoso, during the Conference on Agriculture and Water Resources organized by the City Council to value water, its sustainability and its guarantee. The meeting brought together the president of the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation, Miguel Polo; the organism’s commissioner Marc García; the head of the integral water cycle service of the General Water Directorate, Francisco Zapata; to Mayor Lázaro Azorín and to the Councilor for Agriculture and Water Resources, Silvia Verdú.

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