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The way Jennifer Lopez tucked her sweater into her pants did not favor her at all. Chest looks saggy

Is not that Jennifer Lopez go badly dressed, quite the opposite. The color combination and the clothes are really very nice, and if it weren’t for how her chest looks, everything would be perfect. But unfortunately, the way JLo tucked the sweater into his pants, it did not favor him at all. Somehow the sweater created something like an optical illusion, and it seems that “the diva from the Bronx” had a very saggy chest or a too split stomach and bags … Does it look bad? What follows, they say.

The paparazzi captured JLo in this outfit, while walking with Ben Affleck, who is being harshly criticized for the statements he released about his ex, actress Jennifer Garner. And although there are those who said that JLo were angry with him for these nonsensical words, the photographer did not catch her upset with her lover.

Jennifer López and Ben Affleck together walking very smiling through the streets. / The Grosby Group.

As reported by Showbiz, lBen Affleck’s last interview with radio host Howard Stern generated endless headlines, and angry reactions on Twitter, because he associated his alcohol problems with the fact that he felt “trapped” for much of his now-defunct life. marriage to Jennifer Garner. It is true that he also spoke about the excellent professional and personal relationship that he continues to maintain with the mother of his three children, but that part clearly went unnoticed.

During his time on Jimmy Kimmel’s television program, the Hollywood star wanted to respond to the controversy generated and has admitted that certain comments, in his opinion the result of misunderstandings or distorted interpretations, have “hurt” his “feelings”. The interpreter has defended his emotional reactions to a coexistence with Jennifer that stopped making him happy, and which he did not end sooner than necessary for the sake of his three children: Violet, Seraphina and Samuel.

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“Then I started to see all this on Twitter and I was left thinking: ‘But what happens here?’ The truth is that it has hurt my feelings, that people have not understood well what I said is making me look like the most insensitive, stupid and evil guy in the world ”, He has confessed in his conversation with the comedian, to whom he has offered a rather kinder version of the events of the issues he addressed in his interview with Howard Stern.

“We talk a lot about my family, you know, about alcoholism, about my struggle with real things, how you have to be accountable and loving, how I have been working with my ex-wife… I am very proud of the way we have been able to organize with our children, the best we could and always with them in mind“, has explained. “I came out very happy and thought that I should do these things more often, be more honest, self-critical and introspective“, it is finished.

But now, beyond all this that Showbiz shared, about Ben Affleck’s new statements, many others are focusing on how bad this sweater looks on JLo. The final arrangement did not favor her at all.

Jennifer Lopez gave an unfriendly face to the paparazzi. / The Grosby Group

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