Wednesday, August 10

The weather in Alicante: Orange alert for rains in the Marina Alta where it rains heavily

Today beach day in El Postiguet and the rest of the sandbanks of the province. Morning umbrella

A crazy autumn. If the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency does not fail, and the agency has substantially improved its forecasts in recent years, the end of the week will bring us a unpleasant and rainy weekend, especially in the Marina Alta where it will rain hard again although don’t be a cold drop. The point, however, is that today thursday As the day progresses, the sun will leave one spring day and even, in some points of the summer coastline, even brushing against the 30 degrees. The mess comes tomorrow. Enter the Levante wind and, in addition, according to reports Jorge Olcina, director of the Laboratory of Climatology at the University of Alicante, a cold air bag is installed in the upper layers of the atmosphere, so it will rain. The State Meteorological Agency has decreed the orange alert in the Marina Alta where it has rained heavily since last morning and 75 l / m2 has already been collected in many points. The forecast is that it will begin to rain in a generalized way throughout the province from 10 in the morning.

The rain won’t stop until mid-morning on saturday and on Sunday there will be no more rainfall. Friday is also going to be a favorable day for lovers of the surf, since the Aemet advances that there will be waves of two meters. Not recommended for quiet bathing but fantastic for fans of riding the waves, increasingly in the province.

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This is how a person from Alicante illustrates what the weather is like in October in Alicante

Remember, on the other hand, that last September, which was very hot and very humid in the Valencian Community. The average temperature, 21.7 ºC, is 1.0 ºC higher than that of the reference climatology (20.7 ºC), and the accumulated precipitation has been 86.6 l / m2, that It is 43% higher than the climatic average for the period 1981-2010 (60.4 l / m2).

For most of the month, temperatures were above the normal average, except during the storm episodes on days 1 and 2 and 20 to 23. The high temperatures remained until yesterday, Sunday, and today a notable thermal drop was noted after the step from the front of last night.

Various episodes of storms, Some of them of torrential intensity, which had already been affecting coastal and pre-coastal areas of Castellón, Valencia and north of Alicante since the last week of August, have led to it being the third wettest month of September of the century, after that of 2009 and that of 2019, although with a great difference between the coast of Alicante, where in several observatories the monthly accumulated has been less than 5 lm2, and Castellón, Valencia and the north of Alicante, where there are observatories with more than 200 l / m2. The highest value has been recorded in the Vinaròs observatory (Viveros Alcanar), 9 km north of the capital of the municipality of Vinaròs, due to the torrential rains in the morning of day 1 that accumulated 230 l / m2.

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