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“The week in which a derby is played is always different”

Nerea Sánchez in a game this year. / female from Cáceres

Iberdrola Challenge

With eight goals and seven assists, he has participated in almost half of his team’s goals and is the main threat

Manuel Garcia

“I didn’t expect to be so good,” acknowledges Nerea Sánchez, who arrives in the derby against Santa, with eight goals and seven assists, which means that she has participated in almost half of the goals scored by a leading Cacereño. Those of Ernesto Sánchez have the opportunity to open a gap with a direct rival (Saturday, San Roque field, 5:00 p.m.) and give a blow of authority at the regional level, making full victories in the three confrontations with Badajoz this course.

-Are you looking forward to the derby?

– Man, of course! It is always special, although it is still three points, but the week is different and it is played with another little thing.

– Is something special felt in the locker room?

–Not yet, but you do work harder, you try a little harder perhaps. Everybody likes to play a derby.

-He has been at Cacereño for nine years and has experienced many duels of this type in which there has been a lot of rivalry.

«We have not forgotten what happened in the first leg and that is going to be a plus»

– She has always been healthy. I think that from the first year until now the rivalry has been the same. Now the Santa squad has changed a lot, but other years I had several friends playing there.

-There have been campaigns in which both teams did not coincide in the same category, but the Federation Cup allowed to repeat that stake… and with a title at stake.

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-It also influences that it was a single match and anyone could win, those matches are always super nice to play.

–This year they compete for the same goal.

-We are advancing little by little, taking firm steps and every year we climb one more step. They progressed faster in that aspect and that allowed them to be in the First Division.

–If Cacereño wins, he distances a direct rival for promotion and opens a gap.

-It would be very important for the league to break up soon, because all the games are super-competitive, it doesn’t matter if you play against the fifth, second or last.

-The Santa has improved its performance, what worries you most about the rival?

-We don’t look much at the opposing team, we work on our strengths and weaknesses. It is true that they have very good players and they are the team with the fewest goals, but we are going to try to take points away from them at home.

-In the first leg, the victory was an injection of morale, especially because of how it happened.

-We don’t stop believing until the last minute, we have good numbers in those sections and that shows that the team is physically very well.

-There are few players left from previous years, but you will have a face to face with one of them, Rovirola, whom you know well.

-She is quite forceful and tough and I always like to play against the best, because that makes you progress, and Ariadna is one of them.

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-The ascent seemed like a distant dream, but it is becoming more and more feasible.

–There is a world left, anything can happen. We have to focus every week on competing, the rest will come.

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