Saturday, May 28

The West’s Proposals to Get More Vaccines to Poorer Countries (and How They Compare to What Russia and China Are Doing)

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Emmanuel Macron


Macron wants Europe and the US to deliver between 4% and 5% of their vaccines urgently to the poorest countries, especially in Africa,

The challenge of getting more coronavirus vaccines to the world’s poorest countries is one of the topics for discussion at this Friday’s virtual G7 summit, coordinated by the United Kingdom.

But the French president, Emmanuel Macron, did not want to wait for it to publicize his latest proposal: the urgent delivery of 5% of the vaccines already in the hands of the European Union and the United States.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for his part, will use the meeting to announce that the United Kingdom is committed to donate all leftover doses of the vaccination process once it is finished.

And to both initiatives is also added the imminent announcement by the president of the United States, Joe Biden, of a financing of US $ 4,000 million for Covax, the mechanism for the global acquisition and distribution of vaccines of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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