Thursday, February 2

The white flowers begin to dye the Jerte

Extremadura begins to direct its gaze towards the Valle del Jerte, where flowering has already begun and, depending on the weather in the coming days and the altitude, the cherry trees will begin to dye the landscape of this region of Cáceres white. Today, Friday, approximately 20 percent of the valley is already in bloom, said yesterday José Antonio Tierno, a technician from the Valle del Jerte Cooperative Association. “This weekend it will be sunny and so we calculate that from Monday, as the week progresses, it will be full if it stops raining, since with the cold the flowers come out more slowly.”

As usual, the valley acquiring that exceptional white color that provokes so many visits depends on the altitude at which we find ourselves, which is why initially you can see the white flowers of the cherry trees on the benches closest to Plasencia and at a lower altitude. .

For now, after today’s institutional act in the town of Jerte, activities have begun in this valley of Cáceres, which will last until April 9. Today in Cabezuela del Valle the Pilgrimage of the Virgen de Peñas Blancas has taken place and several musical performances are scheduled for the afternoon, such as the concert by the Acetre group at 9:00 p.m.

Tomorrow, Saturday, in Jerte at 9 am, the XI Cherry Blossom Hiking Route has been organized, followed by a craft market in this town, as well as art and education workshops for children and a tasting of typical traditional dishes. Microetatro and a concert by Mayalde at 8:30 pm are part of the program tomorrow, which ends with a popular festival. As for Sunday, in the town of Valdastillas, the performance of the play ‘Me voy a Cincinnati’ is held at seven in the afternoon. In El Torno at 7:00 p.m. the conference ‘Illustrious Extremadurans born in the Valle del Jerte’ will take place, and in Piornal at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow, Sunday, is the inauguration and presentation of the La Barraca de Lorca Theater Contest.

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During the following week there are still events in various towns in the valley such as Valdastillas, Cabrero, Jerte, Navaconcejo, Cabezuela del Valle or Casas del Castañar.

The war and the cherry

Tierno explains that it is still early to make a forecast of what the harvest will be like, since the cherry trees have just begun to bloom. In any case, they celebrate that the Festival of National Tourist Interest that this natural process entails has returned to normality since it has not been celebrated for two years due to the pandemic.

Regarding the production itself in this 2022 there are other factors that must be taken into account, he says, such as the lack of some raw materials and the increase in prices. Regarding how the war between Russia and Ukraine could affect, José Antonio Tierno knows that Turkey is the country that exports the most cherries to Russia and if that flow changes, the Turks could export to other European countries and would enter into competition with the Jerte cherry, points out.

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