Thursday, September 23

The White House believes that the time has come to extend the demand for vaccination

The government requires its employees to be vaccinated.


The White House consider that “The time has come” to extend the obligations to be vaccinated against covid-19, and although the federal government has already done so with its employees and is considering applying them in the Armed forces welcomes great companies doing it and hopes it will be an example to follow.

At the press conference of the response team against the pandemic, the coordinator of said team, Jeff Zients, He emphasized the need to extend the requirements to get vaccinated, even though the federal government has not imposed such an obligation on the entire population.

Last week, President Joe Biden announced that It will oblige all its government workers to show that they are vaccinated if they do not want to undergo regular covid-19 tests, and he did not rule out that it may impose a vaccination mandate at the national level in the future.

As Zients pointed out this Monday, in addition to the obligation of federal workers and medical personnel of the Department of Veterans, the White House has asked the Pentagon to study how to include the covid-19 within the list of vaccines that must be supplied between the Armed Forces.

He also recalled the obligation that government contractors have, and valued the mandates that large companies such as Google y Wallmart.

“It is time to impose some requirements based on the reality of the different risks run by those who are not vaccinated compared to those who are”said Zients, who assured that they are studying in what “other areas” the government can make vaccination mandatory.

Both Zients and the country’s leading epidemiologist, Antony Fauci, and the director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC, in English), Rochelle Walensky, put back on the table the data that shows that the spread of the delta variant is hitting hard on the unvaccinated.

The director of the CDC warned that in the last seven days the highest level of infections of the entire summer has been registered, with 72,000 cases a day, 44 percent more than in the previous week.

“This is still an unvaccinated pandemic. Although the vaccinated can contract the virus, the chances of them getting sick are much lower than among the unvaccinated ”, dijo Walensky.

And he stressed, in this sense, that vaccines prevent contracting the disease in a serious way, while hospitalizations and deaths occur especially among the unvaccinated.

While the data continue to show that they are the states with the lowest vaccination rates where infections are most widespread – according to Zients, one out of every three cases in the last week was registered in Florida or Texas – they also indicate that concern has increased and they have risen the inoculations in the states in which they were at the lowest levels.

Thus, according to the coordinator of the covid team, in the eight states with the most cases, vaccination has increased by 171%, a percentage that rises to 302% in the case of Louisiana, 250% in Mississippi or 206% in Alabama.

According to the independent count of Johns Hopkins University, the United States this Monday counts 35,101,600 million infected with the virus, which has claimed the lives of 613,603 people in this country, is the most affected by the pandemic.

The Government has also announced this Monday that the objective that Joe Biden It had been marked for July 4, that 70 percent of the adult population had at least one dose of the vaccine. That percentage has been reached almost a month later.

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