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The White House reservedly quoted the ‘number two’ of Foreign Affairs to share information about Ukraine


On January 19, Ángeles Moreno Bau met with the US Deputy National Security Adviser, Jon Finer

Albares and Antony Blinken, on January 18.MONCLOA

The number two of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moreno Smell nge, met on Wednesday, January 19, at the White House with the United States Deputy National Security Adviser, Jon Finer, to analyze the situation in Ukraine and study possible NATO responses to the crisis.

The meeting took place a day after the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, held a meeting of about an hour with the US Secretary of State, Tony Blink, in which the crisis unleashed by a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine was also the central theme.

The presence of Moreno Bau had not been transmitted to the media within the information released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His meeting with the National Security Council indicates that the coordination between Spain and the United States in the Ukraine crisis is very deep and detailed, which includes the analysis of different scenarios, the transfer of sensitive information and, possibly, agreements on the use of certain military units.

The National Security Council was created by President Harry Truman in 1947, at the start of the Cold War, and is the nerve center of the US diplomatic, defense, and intelligence apparatus. Its mission is to coordinate the entire foreign security policy of the United States, which means directing the action of the State and Defense departments -and also some areas of the Treasury and Homeland Security-, the 16 espionage agencies it has the country and even certain NASA activities.

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The powers of the Council vary according to each president and depending on the foreign policy of the moment. The body answers directly to the president, without any type of control by Congress.

Those responsible for security

Currently, the National Security Adviser is Jake Sullivan, the my prodigy in foreign policy of the Democratic Party and a close associate of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who played a key role in the 2014 Iran nuclear deal. Sullivan, who is 45 and apparently on excellent terms with President Joe Biden, is the second-youngest national security adviser in the nation. History.

Finer, also 45, is another veteran of the Obama administration. He was the chief of staff of the Secretary of State John Kerry -another character very close to Biden, who now holds the position of special ambassador for the fight against climate change-, who also put him in charge of the Office of Political Planning, a position of enormous influence, given that his role is design the main lines of US foreign action.

The first director of that office is the most famous: George Kennan, who was the ideologue of the US strategy in the Cold War. In addition, on Thursday, January 18, the Secretary of State for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Spanish in the World also held a meeting, Juan Fernndez Wheat, and that of the director of the Western Hemisphere of the National Security Council, Juan Gonzlez.

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