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The wildest edition of ‘Survivors’

The eight best-known contestants. / rc

Telecinco premieres the ‘reality show’ from Honduras where Jorge Javier Vázquez repeats as presenter of the main gala

J. MORENO Madrid

It is the great bet of the final stretch of the season. Telecinco premieres this Thursday (10:00 p.m.) its particular jewel in the crown and the ‘reality show’ par excellence on television. The legendary ‘Survivors’ returns with its “wildest” edition in which nature will be a crucial element. In the middle of these television islands, there will be 16 new contestants who must combine the extreme conditions required by the format with coexistence. The cocktail will once again be served by Jorge Javier Vázquez as host of the Thursday gala from Madrid and with Lara Álvarez from Honduras. In addition, Carlos Sobera will be in charge of presenting the program ‘Tierra de Nadie’ that the channel broadcasts during the week and Ion Aramendi, from TVE, joins in to moderate the Sunday delivery.

“It’s the best casting we have. There are top athletes, reality show contestants and abandonment experts like Anabel Pantoja,” jokes Jorge Javier during the presentation of the new season.

The tonadillera’s niece returns to Honduras for the second time after her abrupt departure in 2014, now one of the stars of “Sálvame” and with a great following on social networks. ‘Survivors’ also caught another of her great signings, Kiko Matamoros, in the pink magazine, and incorporates Charo Vega, Carmina Ordóñez’s childhood friend and granddaughter of the singer Pastora Imperio. “In this format, age is a plus, because you know what life is, which is much worse than ‘Survivors,” says Vázquez.

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Other faces will also compete to win the final prize of 200,000 euros, such as the former singer Miguel Bosé, Nacho Palau; the winner of the second edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’, Ainhoa ​​Cantalapiedra; the former ‘big sisters’ Marta Peñate and Desirée Rodríguez; the distant relative of King Felipe VI Ignacio de Borbón; the actor and comedian Juan Muñoz; the model Mariana Rodríguez; Asraf’s brother, Isa Pantoja’s boyfriend, Anuar Beno; the bodybuilder Rubén Sánchez-Montesinos; the captain of the Spanish fencing team, Yulen Pereira; Olga Moreno’s friend, Ana Luque; and the former participants of ‘The Island of Temptations’ Alejandro Nieto and Tania Medina.

Among the novelties, the program will again divide the participants into two teams that will be sent to two different places: to ‘Playa Royale’, where the ranch offers better living conditions, and to ‘Playa Fatal’, with more deficiencies, in the that everything will be more uncomfortable and complicated. In addition, ‘Survivors’ creates a third location in this edition, ‘Playa Paraíso’, which will have a “mysterious parasite” that “will constantly try to make the paradisiacal enclave not so paradisiacal for its inhabitants,” the chain advances.

Refloat audiences

The arrival of ‘Survivors’ is expected like water in May to revive Telecinco’s audiences, which achieved its monthly record low in March (11.9% audience share) and is far behind its main competitor, Antena 3. From Mediaset they trust the ‘reality’ to convince the public again and, therefore, will have up to three nights dedicated to the program. It also does so just a few weeks after ‘Secret Story’, a reality television format that has gone unnoticed by the Spanish audience.

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The newcomer is Ion Aramendi, who left ‘Elhunter’ on TVE to return to Telecinco, where he already remained as a reporter for ‘Sálvame’. He will be in charge of ‘Co Conexión Honduras’, the Sunday gala of ‘Survivors’ and in which Olga Moreno, former Antonio David Flores and winner of the previous season, could be.

“The return is wonderful. I left with the strange but real feeling that it would not be the last time I would set foot in the Mediaset studios. It has been my family for seven years,” says the Basque presenter. Chain change, as he argues, is “the law of life.” “When you accept, you give up other things. I can do nothing but follow my career and my life », says Aramendi, who has declared himself a fan of the ‘reality’ genre since he was already a collaborator in the ‘Big Brother’ debate.

For Carlos Sobera, this format helps to discover the true face of celebrities. «We all think that we are in a certain way and ‘Survivors’ puts you in extreme situations and forces you to make decisions. The great challenge is to overcome oneself », he assures about this ambitious production.

About 350 professionals work in the format, of which more than 200 have moved to Honduras. There will be 20 boats for displacement and three helicopters to show the most emblematic moment: the jump into the sea of ​​the new survivors.

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