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The wines of Bodegas Volver receive different awards for their quality

Cañizares family, owners of Bodegas Volver, who since 1923 have treasured the knowledge of the trade.

Cañizares family, owners of Bodegas Volver, who since 1923 have treasured the knowledge of the trade.

“The recent awards received for our wines …” Tarima Hill among the 100 best red wines in the world according to Wine Spectator, and the two Gold medals from ASPA (Sommeliers Association of the Province of Alicante) and the DO of Alicante wines, as the best wines from Alicante to Alicante Bouschet and Triga… ”are awards for the hard work of a winery of family tradition. But these awards are not the goal but the indication that the path adopted by Bodegas Volver is the correct one.

“A path that is marked by the three main pillars of Bodegas Volver, culture, tradition and passion. The commitment of Volver begins with the recovery of the autochthonous field with its own varieties, giving all the prominence to the grape health to obtain these very special wines, varieties that would have disappeared due to their low yield and abandonment of the vines, which are up to 90 years old, thus preserving the plant heritage of each location. The involvement with the land is maximum, therefore, it is practiced 100% organic farming, without fungicides or herbicides, using native yeasts and providing zero residue to the environment, obtaining a totally vegan product.

Their commitment also goes through maintaining the family winemaking tradition, which since 1923 has treasured the knowledge of the trade from the perspective of more artisan production up to the latest technologies designed and put into operation by Rafael Cañizares (Director of the winery and chief winemaker), with a maximum requirement to have the minimum intervention of classic production methods but always making the most of technical innovations.

Tarima Hill wine, among the 100 best reds in the world.

In Wineries Back special care is taken to take care of the experiences of their customers, for this reason they have designed their wine experiences, where they show the entire process of production of their wines, from the vine, through the harvest, for further processing until reaching the barrel, to end the most satisfactory part, where his team of winemakers carry out personalized tastings with always pairing with local products, always underlining the love for the maximum respect for each zone of production, the site and its own characteristics They define each product, and it is something that they do not try to change, but rather to use it in the best possible way to achieve a very balanced product.

The production of its wines is carried out under different denominations of origin, La Mancha, Alicante, Jumilla, Valencia and Almansa, being wines of a modern style, where by philosophy they are produced with the autochthonous varieties of each location, achieving fruit potency, cleanliness and fully structured wines, characteristics always obtained by obtaining a grape healthy, with good maturation and little production.

“The healthy grape ensures the wine quality, with the good ripening roundness is achieved and the low production adds color and complexity ”. It is striking that Wine Espectator usually chooses Tarima Hill from among the 100 best reds in the world with an outstanding note. Tarima Hill has become the wine from Alicante, being a product that is never lacking on the tables of the province. A balanced wine created by the very particular climatology of the province of Alicante characterized by cold winters and hot summers with strong thermal oscillations between day and night, as well as extremely low rainfall, produce a high quality wine, brands for the terroir and the style of the author himself, Rafael Cañizares.

Alicante Bouschet and Triga, best wines of Alicante 2020.

Getting a pure, elegant and modern stylisticsCherry-colored with an intense ruby ​​rim. Ripe fruit, black raspberries, blueberries, spices, balsamic notes as well as floral notes stand out on the nose. It is tasty on the palate, balanced and full-bodied, with a long finish. The harvest is adapted to the optimum moment of ripening of the grapes, it usually occurs in the first days of autumn. The use of native yeasts, malolactic fermentation in barrels, and a careful crianza 14 months in French oak, do the rest.

Not only does Tarima Hill have the infatuation of connoisseurs, since this year 2020, they have awarded two of the four great gold medals of the Association of Sommeliers of Alicante and the Denomination of Wines of Alicante, as Best Wines of Alicante 2020 a Triga and Alicante Bosuchet. Triga is Bodegas Volver’s older brother. The grapes used for its production come from 5 vineyards, being the oldest, some dating back to 1925. All of them exceeding 600 meters above sea level with what this entails. Triga has achieved awesome scores continuously by the specialized press.

Alicante Bouschet shares the latest award with Triga, and being a wine with a close launch, it is already establishing itself in the market with great force. “Our client is showing us that they not only try it, but repeat it.” Bodegas Volver is demonstrating that its philosophy of respect for the earth, has come to stay. “Caring for the earth, and taking advantage of the knowledge of our ancestors, marks the way for us to continue doing what we do best, wine.”

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