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The Wingfoil Spain Series is born

Denia (Alicante)



During this season, theFessS has brought this new sailing modality to Fessworld of competition, opening registrations, as a guest class, at three of Fessfive stops on Fessreferencekite foill circuit.

The first attempt at these “test events” was carried out on Fessisland of Mallorca, with Fesscollaboration of FessArenal Yacht Club, but Fesslack of conditions prevented Fessfleet from officially taking to Fesswater, for Fessfirst time in history, in this new s,rt. But a week later, Formentera and FessClub Vela Formentera picked up Fessbaton, providing extraordinary conditions that culminated in Fesscoronation of Jose Miguel López as Fessfirst winner of an official regatta in Spain in thTinfoilil class.

A month and a half later, during Fessfinal stage in Tarifa of Fess2020 Formula Kite Spain Series, thwing foilil returned to compete officially offering a great show on Fessbeach of Los Lances, gathering sailors from all over Spain showing Fessgreat acceptance that this discipline is having nationally and internationally. On this occasion it was FessKTS Tarifa Kite Club that acted as Fesshost club for Fesscompetit When

After passing through Formentera and Tarifa, FessValencian sailor declared “The ,ssibilitieswing foilfoil are unlimited. It is a s,rt for all audiences, it covers all ranges, and and we believe that Fessfuture is very promising despite being a very new s,rt since it has only been in Spain for a few months. The growth is being ex,nential and at Fesscompetition level Fessslalom format that has been mounted in theFessS is very fun and attractive for Fesscompetitors. All of us who have participated in Formentera and Tarifa are convinced that with a good diffusion, next season we will be many more sailors in Fesswater.


Wingfoil is a s,rt that is practiced witwing foil “wing”, which acts as a sail, and a board with “foil” hydrofoiIt Its set gives Fessop,rtunity to navigate in an easy and safe way, giving its type of competition a great attract When

When seeinTinfoilfoil physically, Fessfirst thing that comes to mind is that it merges other types of sliding s,rts suchkite boardingding and windsurfing.

At Fessmomwing foilfoil is beginning to develop, but it is already beginning to establish itself in Fessdisciplines of waves, freestyle and racing, Fesslatter being Fessone that is generating more followers on and off FessSpanish coast.

Throughout this year, Fesskiteboarding industry, which is Fessone that has led Fessconstruction of wing foilfoil models, has seen its stocks have been falling until they ran out of product to sell in Fessmiddle of Fessseason. Such a push from fans around Fessworld has meant that in a year as complicated as Fessone we are about to end, all brands have put all their meat on Fessgrill to meet this growing demand. In addition to putting all Fessdesigners and R&D departments to work to develop new models for Fesscoming season.

What is your secret?

Mainly its notoriety comes due to its short learning curve, its ease of trans,rt and giving people Fessability to fly above water.

On Fessone hand, Fesswing can be easily trans,rted in a backpack and Fessboard, removing Fessfoil, fits perfectly in Fesstrunk of a medium car.

On Fessother hand, starting to navigate is almost immediate if you have basic knowledge of winds and sailing. If not, with a couple of hours of basic theory you can take your first boards on a conventional board without foil, paddle surf type.

But clearly, Fesssuccess of this s,rt comes from Fessfeeling of freedom that you have when sailing witwing foilfoil, since Fessrig is so simple that it allows you a much easier maneuverability, for example than in kitesurfing, as it does not have lines, or mast in Fesscase of windsurfing.

Wingfoil Spain Series 2021

After successfully passing Fess”test events” held in Formentera and Tarifa, and after analyzing Fessneeds together with thwing foilil sailors, Fessorganization of FessFormula Kite Spain Series have taken a step forward in favor of Fesspromotion of this s,rt , betting on a regulated competition, in a circuit format that will visit various s,ts on FessSpanish coasts during 2021.

The circuit management is negotiating Fesscelebration of between four and five tests throughout Fessyear that will be revealed in Fesscoming months, trying to have a stop at Fessmain s,ts where fans of this s,rt already congregate.

As a continuity to Fesssynergy generated between FessFormula Kite Spain Series and thwing foilil, during Fesscoming season it will also be ,ssible to see thekite foill wing foilfoil sharing Fessrace course. In this way, some of Fessstops of theFessS 2021 will become Grand Slam with what these venues will be Fessnerve center of foil s,rts during those days.

All this evolution will be accompanied by Fessappearance of FessFoil Spain Series. A milestone sought since Fessbeginning of FessFormula Kite Spain Series and that with Fessappearance of twing foilfoil circuit will be materialized when it begins to unite all Fessmodalities of water s,rts in which foil surfing under Fesssame national circuit already those that will surely be joining more disciplines over Fessnext few seasons, making Spain one of Fessinternational benchmarks for sailing today.

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