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The woman humiliated by two Benidorm policemen in a video eludes the judge

A moment of the recording made by the agents themselves where they uttered different insults.

A moment of the recording made by the agents themselves where they uttered different insults.

It was an incident that monopolized the front pages of newspapers and televisions last May and now, half a year later, it seems to have generated no interest even in the victim herself. The humiliated woman in a video that was recorded by two local policemen in Benidorm, in which they uttered different insults in very bad taste, he avoided appearing yesterday before the Court of Instruction number 4 of the city, where he had to testify for these facts. This was corroborated to this newspaper by judicial sources, which indicated that the victim claimed to be an inmate in a Bétera center, in the province of Valencia, to justify his absence.

In this case, one of the two agents participating in the video He is being investigated for an alleged hate crime, as a result of an investigation initiated by the National Police itself when the recording was released and to which the complaints from different groups were later added, including that of the Valencian Observatory Against LGTBIFobia.

As this newspaper published in its day, the recording was made from inside the patrol car in a state of alarm, during the weeks of harsh confinement. In it, one of the two agents is observed referring to a transsexual person, of Bulgarian origin and who would be part of a criminal group that regularly operates in the Rincón de Loix area, which is traveling on public roads. The policeman utters phrases like “By day you are even uglier, you are horrible”; “What are you doing now that you can’t pull cocks or steal?”; “How do you live? If you would pull few cocks before, with how ugly you are, now what are you doing?” He then also reminds him that it is not the first time that they have had to reproach him for his behavior during those days: “I told you the other day that you couldn’t be around and I did not report you,” after which his partner is heard, that He rebukes him stating that they should denounce him for repeatedly skipping the confinement. The recording ends with a “Go away, pig!”

The dissemination of these images caused the immediate rejection of dozens of public bodies, from the Benidorm City Council to the Conselleria and the Ministry of Equality directed by Irene Montero, as well as unions and organizations, which announced the opening of different investigations and complaints against the local police. Likewise, the Valencian Observatory Against LGTBIFobia announced that it would appear in the case as a private prosecution and put a lawyer at the service of the victim.

Sources related to the case reported yesterday that days before the victim had to appear before the judge, her lawyer formally resigned from continuing to prosecute for “irreconcilable differences” with her client, without going into further details.

For his part, Francisco González, a lawyer who defends the investigated policeman, advanced yesterday his intention to request the hate crime file and that the cause goes to the civil route. The lawyer acknowledges that in the video insults are made against this person that have no justification whatsoever, but he considers that none of them constitutes a hate crime. Likewise, Francisco González explained that one of the issues that the defense has put on the table is that the victim accumulates more than 150 complaints for all types of crimes, including robbery, robbery with violence or for practicing prostitution on public roads .

The two agents are summoned today to testify before the judge.

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