Sunday, February 25

The woman who was run over on the Day of Light in Arroyo shows no changes in her condition

Felisa Castaño continues to be admitted in a serious condition at the University of Cáceres

Without changes. Felisa Castaño, the 69-year-old woman who was run over last Monday on the Day of Light in Arroyo, continues to be hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of the University of Cáceres. As has been reported, the first part issued by the Extremadura Health Service detailed that the woman had been admitted to the ICU, that she was intubated, and that she had a subarachnoid hematoma and rib and pelvic fractures. In the rest of the reports sent by the SES, it is only noted that the woman is still in serious condition and that she is still in intensive care.

Four other people were injured in the accident. The woman’s granddaughter, a seven-year-old girl who was also run over by a horse while crossing the Corredera, was also hospitalized. She was admitted to the San Pedro de Alcántara hospital, in the pediatric area, in a “less serious” condition. Upon arrival, a CT scan was performed, with normal results, and she remained under observation with a reserved prognosis, presenting a favorable evolution the following day. On Tuesday afternoon she was discharged from the hospital.

The rest of the minor injuries were discharged on the spot.

The accident took place around three in the afternoon at a point known as ‘The Four Corners’ of Corredera. Arroyo de la Luz celebrated its horse festival, a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest since 2007, and that it did not celebrate after two years due to the coronavirus health crisis.

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The grandmother, Felisa Castaño, crossed the road with her granddaughter at the same moment that two riders, Jacinto and Félix, galloped their horses at high speed. The horse races were stopped for about an hour to treat the wounded. The 69-year-old woman was transferred and admitted to the Universitario de Cáceres and the girl, to the San Pedro de Alcántara.

This year, 172 riders and Amazons participated. The security device was made up of 64 Civil Guard agents, five from the Local Police, 26 private security agents and civil protection volunteers.

Regarding health facilities, the device had an outpost of 112 Extremadura; health posts in La Corredera by DYA, two mobile ICUs, two basic life support ambulances, three expert doctors in emergencies and emergencies, four nurses and 36 DYA technicians.

After this accident, the debate about the safety of the party returns. It must be remembered that it was already reinforced after what happened in 2009, when the 45-year-old local policeman Cándido CC died, also run over in Las Cuatro Esquinas.

“There are factors, such as humans and animals, that escape the security device and that mean that sometimes, unfortunately, we have to regret some type of accident,” the City Council of the Cáceres municipality acknowledged in a statement on Wednesday. In the document, he indicates that he is “fully aware of the risk” posed by horse racing, although at the moment he does not comment on possible changes in future editions. The Chairman of the Board, Guillermo Fernández Vara, had pointed out in the morning that “these things should never be discussed hotly”, since he believes that “it is not good nor does it contribute anything”.

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