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The women’s hockey team beats China and approaches the quarterfinals

The women's hockey team beat China 2-0.

The women’s hockey team beat China 2-0.

The women’s hockey team took a giant step towards the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Games by achieving their second victory over China, which they defeated 2-0 in a match resolved in the first half, in which they were clearly superior , with few occasions of the Asian ones.

Despite the equality of both teams in the classification, with three points at the beginning of the clash, since China precedes the Spanish in the world classification, the difference on the field was very large. Yang Wang’s side had its first and only corner penalty late in the third quarter, after four for Spain.

Still without coach Adrian Lock, who continues to be confined by the positive he gave before the start of the Games, Spain took only three minutes to get ahead with an impeccable execution of the first penalty corner, in which Lola Riera left the ball to Carlota Petchame , who stopped her before the direct shot of María López, brushed by Bea Pérez when she entered the door.

The Valencian tried two direct kicks on two other penalties, but the Chinese goal and her defense avoided the goal, which came back 3 minutes into the second quarter again for the “RedSticks”. It was in an attack led by María López, with a pass to Carlota Petchame on the right and a final shot by Berta Bonastre.

China jumped into the third quarter with a more offensive attitude. He reached María Ángeles Ruiz’s area more times and finally won his first corner penalty in a play that could have been decisive, although the video review did not validate Gu Bingfeng’s point.

Lola Riera could not score in the two that followed Spain, which in the final time was able to increase its income in a clear action by Belén Iglesias although it was left with a 2-0 that represents a giant step towards the quarterfinals, in the absence of the last game, on Saturday against Japan, the last team in the group.

With the two most powerful rivals in the group in their two opening matches, Spain debuted with a defeat against Australia (3-1), fell in the second match against Argentina (3-0) and yesterday beat New Zealand (1-2).


2 – Spain: María Ángeles Ruiz; Clara Ycart, María López, Lola Riera, Julia Pons, Begoña García, Beatriz Pérez, Georgina Oliva, Lucía Jiménez, Carlota Petchame, Belén Iglesias -initial team- Laura Barrios, Berta Bonastre, Candela Mejías, Alejandra Torres-Quevedo, Alicia Magaz.

0 – China: Li Dongxiao; Gu Bingfeng, Zhang Ying, Ciu Qiuxia, Peng Yang, Liang Meiyu, Li Hong, Zhang Jinrong, Ou Zixia, Zhang Xiaoxue. Wang Na -equipo inicial- Li Jiaqi, Xu Wemyu, Chen Yang, Chen Yi, Zhong Jiaqi

Goals: 1-0, m.3: Bea Pérez, corner kick. 2-0, m.18: Berta Bonastre.

Referees: Michelle Meister (GER) and Irene Presenqui (ARG). They showed a green card to Jinrong Zhang (CHN), Carlota Petchame (ESP), Julia Pons (ESP).

Incidents: Match of the fourth day of group B of the hockey tournament, played in the north field of the Oi stadium in Tokyo.


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