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The Women’s Ray charges against its technician for some statements he made “contrary to the dignity of women”

The Rayo Vallecano Women’s team has issued a statement this Tuesday showing their rejection of the statements that their new coach, Carlos Santiso, made four years ago, assuring that they are “contrary to the dignity of women.”

“We disapprove and reject these statements for being contrary to the dignity of women and that they are of a seriousness that is not acceptable in any case”, indicated the Rayo players in relation to some statements by their coach in 2018, when He sent a WhatsApp audio to his coaching staff saying that they needed to “make one like those of Arandina.”

The Arandina case dates back to 2017, when three players from the Burgos club were accused of sexually assaulting a minor. Knowing these statements, the Rayo players have assured that they will be “belligerent against expressions of this nature”.

“We want to make it clear that if these words had corresponded to facts, we would have reported it immediately to the judicial authority,” they add in the statement published through the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE).

Equality Plan

On the other hand, the union itself stated that “it is going to take this matter, as a member, to the Negotiating Commission of the Rayo Vallecano Equality Plan, so that it acts in defense of the dignity of some professionals who continue to demonstrate it every day a day”.

What’s more, the president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), José Manuel Franco, showed his support for the squad fringed. “I cannot understand why, at Rayo Vallecano, there is a hiring that blushes and that is the last thing our female soccer players deserve,” she warned.

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“Santiso’s statements are nauseating, undignified and terrifying. By your side, Female Lightning,” the leader wrote on his official ‘Twitter’ account.

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