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The workers of Social Services of San Vicente del Raspeig, on the brink of «collapse»

The serious situation that this municipal area is going through has motivated a collection of signatures among the official staff of the consistory in order to obtain support. And above all, force urgent decision-making.

For years, workers have carried out their work with a certain saturation. And the pandemic has come to put the finishing touches on an essential service that is understaffed. And that the Ministry itself corroborates, recognizing that in San Vicente at least 10 more employees are necessary than the twenty that there are among social workers, psychologist, administrative …

Social services are one of the areas with the greatest burden of attention to the neighbors and that is hardest hitting the crisis. And those responsible for this service admit that your workers are exhausted, while they are forced to live each day with situations of great tension. People and families who arrive with situations of great complication, need for help and essential procedures to receive aid. The hostility has been on the rise and there is not a day when one word is not produced louder than the other. Y threats are the order of the day.

The letter asking for help has received 147 signatures of support from the 380 officials currently working in the City Council. In it, the environment in which they are working is contextualized: a health emergency that has generated “tragic consequences at the social level” from the death of loved ones to the dramas of loss of employment, housing, income and a loss of Mental health. And in this context, since March 2020 the Social Welfare area has been operating, “overwhelmed” as attention is increased, they point out, up to four times what was usual before the crisis. So, During the hardest times, workers from other areas were asked for help as volunteers.. The care is counted in the hundreds: 800 elderly people who live alone, more than 60 legal services, psychological monitoring of more than 300 people. Some 800,000 euros have been managed in social emergency aid and 50,000 euros in housing emergency. And they warn, if delays such as the management of the dependency are not taken, they can reach two years.

«Our department is close to collapse, given that one out of every three CIVIC (citizen service office) registry entries are managed in our service … The human team is exhausted after the effort made and overwhelmed by the workload », They state. What affects what no compensation “neither moral nor economic” has been received.

They demand that the government team solve the situation of insecurity of the City Council, and especially the area of ​​Social Welfare and Education and the Santa Isabel Social Center. And for this they ask for an agreement of the entire corporation to achieve it. They demand an increase in the workforce and that there is an agreement of all the groups to achieve it.

In this sense, the municipal group Popular has already requested a meeting with the mayor to discuss the collapse of this area. Its spokesperson, Óscar Lillo, indicates that “we consider this to be a problem that we have to solve among all groups, It is not a political thing, it is an essential service that is becoming more and more important. The pandemic has raised the level of need.

The mayor believes a majority agreement is necessary

The mayor, Jesús Villar, is aware of the problem. And one of the possible solutions is, as proposed by the workers, seek the agreement of the groups, and reach a majority in the plenary session to be able to give the green light to an increase in the workforce, despite the negative reports.

Façade of the San Vicente del Raspeig Town Hall

Two new contracts expire in San Vicente and the PP demands “responsibility”

The San Vicente del Raspeig City Council has forcibly extended two new contracts that had already expired. It is about the activities of Prevention of Addictive Behaviors and the service of withdrawal, immobilization and transfer to the vehicle depot, expired since June 2017. They are added to a long list where the extension of the cleaning contract will be effective shortly and garbage, in this case it is not mandatory, but the council did announce that this June it would be awarded, something that is not possible. Very critical of this situation is the Popular municipal group that has demanded “responsibility” from the government team in one of the most important sections of municipal management. «They have the audacity to hold the opposition groups accountable, forgetting that those who have the obligation to govern and carry out their work correctly are the PSOE and the EU.

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