Tuesday, May 24

The world holds its breath again at the expansion of the Delta variant

The new strain from India spreads.

The new strain from India spreads.

When the first world begins to taste the honeys of normality, hea Delta variant of the covid he insists on putting the bitter touch. The A strain found for the first time in India, more contagious and harmful, is now rampant throughout the planet to demonstrate, once again, what the World Health Organization (WHO) He has said actively and passively: there are no borders when we talk about contagious diseases and the first world will not be safe until the most disadvantaged on the planet are. The variant, which worries and makes the world hold its breath again, already circulates for more than 90 countries, according to world health authorities, and it is among the priorities of the rulers, prepared to close the floodgate again in terms of restrictive measures. The tourism sector is watching developments minute by minute, knowing that the deterioration in health can have dire economic consequences.

From the USA to Europe passing through Southeast Asian Y Australia. The Delta variant It is already present, practically, on all continents. At the European level, the new strain dominates in 60% of the new cases detected in Germany and has caused the Government to consider imposing more control measures on travelers from higher risk areas, contravening the Brussels guidelines to facilitate movements this summer. As of today, Germany obliges a mandatory 14-day quarantine for travelers returning from Portugal and Russia, even if they have full vaccination, and it has been in force for days for those from India and the United Kingdom.

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In France, the percentage is 22% and it is on its way to becoming the dominant one in the country. And the The United Kingdom, a country where the variant is predominant, is beginning to fear that control measures by other countries will return.

The dangerous variant extends, unstoppable, through Portugal, where, in just one month it has gone from accounting for 4% of infections to 55.6%. The hardest hit area is the Alentejo. The Portuguese country registered about a thousand cases on Monday, with special incidence in Lisboa and the Algarve, where the Government has closed schools in five municipalities.

“Limited” expansion in Spain

On Spain, the expansion of the Delta variant remains limited compared to other European countries, the director of the Delta explained on Monday. Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), Fernando Simon. “We have a presence of the delta variant of between 3% and 4% but with variability between autonomous communities since some have not detected any case and others could be around 15%,” he said. In Catalonia, “two or three weeks ago we were at 30% and now we will surely have exceeded 50%”, according to data provided by the Computational Biology and Complex Systems Group of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

But, despite the reassuring message from the health authorities, a glance at the tourism companies listed on the Ibex 35 allows detecting the concern of the sector by reflecting falls due to fear of new restrictions due to the new strain.

Russia also does not escape the spread, reaching the number of more than 650 deaths in one day from coronavirus, the highest number since the start of the pandemic. The Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobianin, has attributed the worsening of the situation to the Indian strain, “more contagious and more deadly”.

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The India, the epicenter of the Delta variant, has posted today less than 40,000 new cases of coronavirus for the first time in more than three months, after overcoming the peak of the health crisis which, at its worst, reached more than 400,000 infections a day. The contagious variant has been contributed by experts as the cause of the spectacular increase in cases.

On Australia, about half of the population remains confined as of today after quarantine a fourth regional capital of the country, Brisbane, given the increase in coronavirus cases. The capital of Queensland, Brisbane, and areas of the southeast of this state, will be affected by the measure.


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