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The world’s first restaurant serving farmed meat opens

The world's first restaurant serving farmed meat opens

Featured items on the menu are two crispy chicken burgers.

Photo: SuperMeat / Courtesy

The Chicken is the first restaurant in the world that offers laboratory-grown meat. The meat is made from chicken cells and Anyone over 18 years old who is enthusiastic about cultured meat you can request a table in this newly opened kitchen in Tel Aviv (Israel).

SuperMeat is in the development stage and is not yet commercial. The guests they are not required to pay for their meals. This test kitchen is requesting the thoughts and feedback of those who enjoy farmed chicken as it moves toward large-scale production.

The Chiken restaurant next to the plant where the meat is created. Photo: SuperMeat

From the restaurant seats you can see the manufacturing plant while enjoying a chicken burger with locally produced meat. The Guests can watch the production process until it reaches their table.

On the menu There are two varieties of SuperMeat Chicken Burgers: the chicken burger and the spicy fall burger. Both burgers have the crispy chicken fillet (breaded and fried) Y semi-sweet brioche bread.

Breaded and fried steak. Photo: SuperMeat

The chicken burger features roasted mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, red onion dip, wild mustard, and chive aioli. While the spicy fall burguer includes ripe avocado, flakes chile, chalotes, beet greens, caramelized apple chutney.

Except for lab-grown chicken, the rest of the menu is plant-based. It includes desserts, one of them dark chocolate as well as a white cake with vanilla and almonds.

The creators of the chicken ensure that the fillet of these burgers is crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.

“Farmed chicken burgers sit at the heart of a seasonally inspired menu of fresh, locally grown dishes prepared by our team of chefs in the elegant open kitchen,” the restaurant reviews.

What do the creators of this chicken meat want?

Photo: SuperMeat

SuperMeat is a food technology company that aims to offer the cultured meat of chicken globally. They want it to be accessible, with a cost on par with conventional meat, make it a high quality food, nutritious and have a great taste.

The company points out that this culture from cells, in a sustainable, economic and respectful with animals. It is considered a project with the avant-garde plan of reduce drastically the carbon emissions and increase food security around the world.

SuperMeat is now seeking partners in the food and ingredient sourcing industries around the world to work together to develop high-quality meat products, making cultured meat available everywhere.

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