Monday, August 2

the worst crisis since the Civil War

  • The partners saved the accounts to look forward and bury a sad past all too recent. There was no shortage of boos and reproaches to Moix, the economic vice president of the Bartomeu board, who took refuge in the pandemic as the cause of all evil.

Bury the past and get back on the road to success. That would be the summary that Joan Laporta tried to broadcast again and again in an “exceptional” assembly that was presented as a transition to extraordinary board which will take place in October. The president asked that the accounts be approved and so did the partners in an environment that moved between the resignation and the anger for the bad image of the club.

“We want to go back to touch the glory, but this is not done overnight, “he assured Laporta in the first section of an assembly guided by practicality and good wishes. Before, there had already been difficult moments, especially when he took the floor Jordi Moix, the former economic vice president of the leadership of Josep Maria Bartomeu, who had to defend the almost indefensible.

“They see us all over the world”

The pandemic emerged as the argument to justify all the evils. The ex-director did not have it easy to present his ideas. “Please allow Mr. Moix to explain himself. We ask I respect so that it can be expressed, “he said Josep Cubells between the boos of the respectable scattered around the Camp Nou.

Be quiet, please, I beg silence so that the assembly develops normally “, added the secretary of the current board, one of the classics of the Laporta troop. The president also had to intervene:” They are watching all over the world. I understand the indignation for some accounts that no one likes, not even Mr. Moix, but let’s keep up with FC Barcelona “.

Jump off the boat

The first 14 interventions of the compromisarios partners put Moix on the ropes. There was complaints to all the likes. And almost always with the same answer: the COVID-19. “I accept the discrepancy, but if we analyze the impact on the clubs of the closure of the stadiums it is brutal. Covid is not a joke. We stopped entering between 150 and 200 million. We recovered 60 thanks to the salary reduction that the players accepted during the break of the competitions. Not seen nothing like it since the Civil War“Moix said.

The partners reproached him for his pigheadedness when it comes to staying in office. “When the pandemic began, we did not consider resigning, because decisions had to be made. The easiest thing would have been jump off the boat, but when there is a storm never abandon it, but draw water. The season ended with a painful 8-2. We are as responsible for it as we are for Berlin triplet. The impact of the pandemic has been devastating, “insisted the former economic head, who shook balls as he could.

“The gift of Suárez”

There were also references to Luis Suarez, a bargain for Atlético, brand new league champion. “We did not give away Luis Suárez. It was an operation similar to the one Villa operation, it was not a gift. Some variables were negotiated, as will be reflected in the accounts for the year “.

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The whistles gave way to a first vote that avoided greater evils. Everything it was approved without haste, but the outrage with the previous directive was evident. “I congratulate you on your best decision: resign in october“, summed up a partner.

The prominence later fell on Laporta, which made an effort to alleviate all concerns, from the debt to the Super League, through the feminine. “We want to return the joy to Barcelona. We feel worthy heirs of the work started by Joan gamperJan proclaimed.

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