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The worst fat man in a decade

Little prize for so much money invested. The fat draw, the most popular in Spain since it began to be held in 1812 and the Christmas portico, has been very ungenerous with the lands of Alicante in the year in which the citizenship has gambled the most money, almost 129 million euros, the majority seeking a relief to economic situations that the pandemic has worsened. The province recovers only 10%, just over 12 million, thanks to two fourth prizes and two fifths sold in various locations, with Benidorm and Elche as the luckiest.

Only in 2013 the prize was so low, with 11 million, although the province bet less, 101 million. The worst year in recent history for the Christmas draw dates back to 2011, with less than a million in prizes compared to 114 played. Although it has not been sold in the province, the Gordo, number 86148, will be enjoyed on the shores of the Mediterranean thanks to the greater patron of the Fishermen’s Association of Torrevieja, Pedro Angel Carmona, who bought four tenths in November at the station Atocha from Madrid, which has distributed most of the graceful series, distributing illusion, since he kept one and gave the others to three friends, two of them fishermen too: 400,000 euros for each one.

Benidorm is once again a lucky city this Christmas Well, there a winning lottery was sold with 8.8 million euros in prizes, monopolizing most of the 12 that the province has obtained this year. Almost in all probability, as has happened with the Gordo de Atocha, there will be a lot of money that has traveled to other parts of Spain in the hands of tourists who bought tickets during their vacations. Administration 1 has distributed 7.8 million with the number 24198, number on which one of the fifth prizes fell and from which 130 series were sold, 1,300 tenths, mostly at the counter and also through the website of this business, one of the largest lottery deals, due to its privileged location, next to Passeig de la Carretera, known as Calle de Los Vascos.

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To these 7.8 million euros must be added another 860,000 euros from one of the rooms, 42833, thanks to 4.3 series sold, that is, 43 tenths to a prize of 20,000 euros each; and 144,000 euros corresponding to 24 tenths of another of the fifths, 92052, endowed with 60,000 euros each. It was the earliest in the draw because the children of San Ildefonso sang it at 9.23 in the morning. These two awards were distributed by the same point of sale, El Racó de la Sort, on Avenida del Mediterráneo, parallel to Levante beach.

Despite acknowledging the drop in prizes in the province compared to last year, when the Christmas lottery left about 80 million euros, the delegate of Lotteries in the Alicante area, José Miguel Romero, emphasized the prizes in Benidorm, «a A city that has had a very bad time with covid-19, that lives off the hotel business and tourism, which is what moves this province.

In 2020 the collection for the Christmas lottery in the province fell to 106 million euros, the lowest since 2013, due to the absence of tourism, the stoppage in the reserves of festive and cultural entities, and the closure of the bar of the bars for months due to restrictions on the hospitality industry. This year, 644,376 series have been sold, which is 21% more than last year and 3.43% more than in 2019, when 124 million were shipped. Therefore, the turnover has exceeded the best forecasts.

Throughout the Valencian Community, 355.4 million have been billed compared to 308 million in 2020, 15% more. At the national level, the figure has been 3,028 million, with an increase of 17.27%, according to data from the State Lottery and Gambling Society of the State. These data highlight “the recovery of pre-pandemic normality.”

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In addition to touching Benidorm, luck left a pinch of three million in Elche thanks to a fourth prize at El Altet and a fifth that fell in the Elche neighborhood of Carrús and in part of the center thanks to a confectionery, and that distributed among its customers almost one million euros of 24198, to which the business has been subscribed for 30 years. They have distributed 16 of the 18 series sold by the administration 6 located on Avenida de Novelda in Elche. Every week, the confectionery bought the graceful number in the administration to offer it to its customers.


Fourth prize in El Campello

In addition, the administration located on Valencia Street, in the El Altet district of Elche, has given two million euros of 42833, one of the fourth prizes, through ten series, therefore 100 tenths, each awarded with 20,000 euros. Susi’s kiosk is a very popular point of sale among the neighborhood, which has distributed the money at the counter and among the customers of the adjoining bar, of the same name as the administration.

This same number, 42833, left a pinch in El Campello. The administration of Calle Doctor Fleming 41 in El Campello, number 1 in the town, has distributed 200,000 euros thanks to the sale of a series, that is, 10 tenths. The lottery, Pablo Daporta, explained shortly after the prize was known that it is a random number sent by Lotteries, and sold through the window. The administration gave the Jackpot Christmas prize in 1993, a rain of money with 21,000 million of the old pesetas.

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The other fourth prize, 91179, left another pinch in Alicante, the only one for the capital of the province in this Christmas draw. Gave it the aLottery administration number 8 on Calle San Vicente thanks to the ten tenths he sold of this lucky combination. In total 200,000 euros distributed at the window. It is the first time that something falls from the draw for the Christmas Fat in this central administration in its 82-year history.

The awards day is completed with two tenths of one of the rooms, 42833, sold in the administrations of the La Zenia shopping center, in Orihuela Costa; and in the Conejo de Oro, located in the Carrefour de Torrevieja, on the Crevillent road, each endowed with 20,000 euros. The delegate of Lotteries in the Elche area, Santiago del Pozo, stressed that the final balance of prizes for the province can grow somewhat with the approaches and stones, and if not, he recalled that there is the next opportunity for the El Niño del 6 draw January 2022.

The smaller prizes could begin to be collected yesterday, although some administrations closed in protest against the freezing of commissions for 17 years. A score of lotteries from the province traveled to Madrid to the protest that was held in front of the Royal Theater at the time of the draw.

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