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The worst foods and drinks for our brain, according to experts

These are the foods that you consume in your diet right now, and that you should immediately eliminate for the good of your brain.

Diet is very important for the body, but also for our mental health, and it is convenient to choose the right foods so as not to take an unexpected surprise with our health over the years.

And now the dietitian Susan Kellyhas commented, via the New York Post, on some foods that you should remove from your diet right now because you consider them harmful to both our body and our mental health.

And among these types of foods there are many that you are sure to consume today, among which are fruit juices, sugary drinks, alcohol, foods with refined sugar, foods with refined grains, or even those diet sodas that you think are good for your Health.

Fruit juices and other sugary drinks

The expert comments that fruit juices have useful nutrients, but in general they are sugary drinks that contain almost no fiber. On the other hand, the sugary drink reduces the total brain volume and the volume of the hippocampus.

In this way, he recommends that it is better to eat whole fruit instead of consuming it in the form of a drink.


It is no surprise, alcohol is not good for the body and much less for our mental health. He comments that alcoholic beverages greatly affect the communication pathways of the brain. A person who habitually consumes a lot of alcohol finds it difficult to remember things and process new data.

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Refined sugar

And yes, those cakes, ice creams, cookies, and in general sweets that you eat are bad for the body and for the brain, and this is because they contain refined sugar.

He says it has been discovered that there is a direct line of communication between the brain and the enteric nervous system, which makes it vitally important to keep the gut healthy and the microbiome in balance.

Vegetarian diet

These are the benefits of a vegetarian diet that you should know about, according to the OCU

refined grains

So instead of eating refined grains with foods like pasta, opt for whole grain options. So the foods to avoid are white bread, pizza, burritos, white pasta, or even white rice.

Instead, he recommends wheat, whole-wheat pasta, barley, oats, brown rice, and millet, to name a few.

It is not good to consume many calories

It’s also no secret that consuming a lot of calories all at once is not good for our body, and can also affect brain health. And it is that the expert points out that eating in excess and consuming many calories in a short period of time is linked to an increased risk of memory-related problems and general cognitive decline.

On the other hand overeating causes obesity which contributes to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Diet soft drinks

Don’t be fooled, those diet sodas you buy at your supermarket are bad for your health. And it is that he comments that different studies have shown that even diet soft drinks have been linked to elevated brain inflammation and an increased risk of depression.

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