Tuesday, December 7

“The worst myth about cancer is to think that people have it because they have somehow asked for it”: Anne Boyer, 2020 Pulitzer Prize Essay Winner

Anne Boyer

Image source, Cassandra Gillig


Anne Boyer is the author of “Desmorir. A Reflection on Disease in a Capitalist World”, winner of the 2020 Pulitzer Prize Essay.

The American poet and essayist Anne Boyer (Topeka, Kansas, 1973) had just turned 41 when she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, one of the deadliest in existence and requiring very aggressive treatment.

A single mother, she made a modest living by teaching and did not know much about breast cancer at the time. But he learned it …

He says he learned that capitalist logic often considers that those with cancer partly deserve it: for having eaten a lot of greasy hot dogs and little broccoli, for having drunk too many beers, for not having gone for a morning run …

He also discovered that cancer is surrounded by false myths and clichés, such as thinking that a positive attitude can help cure it. He realized that the language used to talk about cancer is perverted, because surviving cancer is not winning a race and dying is not losing it.


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