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The worst series of the week: Race to success, the goal is to disconnect


Arden Cho, in ‘Race to success’.NETFLIX
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There are series that are everything and there are series that are nothing. The concept “watch TV to disconnect”, so popular, has a dark side. Is it really worth sitting in front of the screen and subjecting our eyes and our brains to stimuli that force them to work, even if only a little, if we are not going to receive anything in return? And I am not talking about teachings or knowledge (series are not for that) but about a minimum of complexity that reminds us that we are adults looking at a screen by our own decision. It makes sense that shows that don’t offer any rewards to the viewer would ask the viewer to select them from a platform menu and hit the play button. play?

Well, it seems that yes. On Netflix, of course, it makes sense. If not, why would we insist on the rampant superficiality in its catalog, in which dozens of bland series fight to be that silly What do you wear to disconnect?

Of all the trifles I’ve been through lately, maybe it’s race to success the most forgettable. I hit the stop of one of his episodes a few minutes ago and I don’t remember what it was about. Signed by Georgia Lee, race to success takes place in New York, goes to lawyers and has a charming female lead played by Arden Cho. Any one of these three things would have separately led me to her, and yet none of them holds me back. If I want basic lawyers, I stay in Suitsif I want to see Manhattan I go back to sex in new york (as if I needed any excuse to do so) and if I look for Arden Cho I find her in Chicago Med, whose sole pretense is to entertain. Which is not the same as hanging out.

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The travails of Ingrid Yun, an ambitious but (surprise surprise) principled attorney at a Manhattan corporate law firm, they disconnect my brain in a way that I neither seek nor want. I, who defend with my life the series that allow you to do other things while you watch them (that is: ironing), I put my limit on those that almost force you to make them compatible with tasks that do not necessarily imply being in the same room in which you have the screen That is: take out the garbage, take the dog out, talk on the phone, go to the movies, meet for dinner on a terrace or be in another room with another screen and another series. oh take me race to successwhich is to television what the stuffing of cushions is to interior architecture.

It’s not that I’m asking a series like this to blow my mind or open my eyes to fascinating worlds, but I do know a modicum of interest in having me, a less demanding viewer than it seems, interested in Ingrid and her things. That the girl’s name is Ingrid I had to Google, of course. I have found by the way race to success is the adaptation of a novel by Helen Wan that has no bad reviews. Can I read it while I watch another series? And while I read another book?

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