Tuesday, September 21

The worst week in Bascuñana

The photo of the mayor of Orihuela doing the walk in the Plaza de Santa Lucía not only hurts him, but also the local administration that he presides, not forgetting his party, the PP, which, beyond the formality of the information file that has opened, has not made any move. Neither the important positions at the provincial or regional level have come out publicly to make an iron defense who is supposed to be a strong man from Pablo Casado’s PP, “right eye” of his secretary general, the Murcian Teodoro García Egea, who did not hesitate to go to the capital of Vega Baja when it was questioned that Bascuñana was the head of list for elections. In the local PP, the “spirits” to the councilor have not been given, nor will they be given, given the confrontation between the president of the popular Oriolanos and mayor, Dámaso Aparicio, and him. To be sure, the Oriolano mayor will have received the support of many of his training, in privacy, such as the Catalan spoken by José María Aznar, but publicly they have preferred to “pass the word” and appeal to the presumption of innocence.

However, the judicial situation of the mayor of Orihuela is a burden for the governance of the city and even for his own party. We must not forget that in the town there are many important issues on the table and that now seem overshadowed by the gap that the Oriolano councilor has. Without going any further, the negotiation of the budgets with its government partner, Cs, to end the shameful situation of having them extended from 2018 for not reaching points of agreement. Both parties assure that they have held meetings and, even, that their presentation could be imminent, but it does not arrive. And the mayor’s judicial issue does not help, on the contrary, and it gives wings to the orange formation to include more games from the areas it directs, those with the greatest weight, by the way. “Either you give in, or we’ll find you a problem,” the oranges might now say to the mayor.

If this judicial matter that keeps Bascuñana imputed is still alive, and ends up being processed, it will have a long journey, too long to bear the fact that the opposition, with everything it does or says, is removed by reminding it of its photo in court. There will be no plenary session, you will see, in which his supposed collection of public payroll for five and a half years without going to the “job” does not come to the fore. A fact that marks the street. About being accused of collecting a public salary (paid by everyone) without going to work, he understands it, and condemns, from the 12-year-old boy who kicks a ball in San Antón, to the 90-year-old woman who takes care of his orchard in La Matanza. And his party, the opposition and his partner in the government know that.

The argument made so far by Emilio Bascuñana that his accusation is a “fallacy” promoted by his political enemies in a kind of conspiracy to “banish” those who define themselves as “good people to help their people” seems to convince him , for the moment, his “vice mayor” José Aix. The Cs spokesman has gone easy, asking Bascuñana to leave the Mayor’s Office to “defend himself calmly”, while he maintains the government pact with the PP, with which, by the way, he is very comfortable and that he is not he intends to break up, whether he ceases to be mayor or not, he is also a doctor. The ruler, however, has no intention of accepting the “suggestion” of the person with whom he is condemned to understand, despite himself. If Bascuñana took a step backwards, Aix would sell it as a victory over his party, the one who “lip service” claims to be inflexible with the charges of public office, and who is now in low hours to give lessons.

While, José Aix rules out a motion of censure because it “does not touch” while claiming to be open to a negotiation with the PSOE and Let’s change and listen to “alternatives” that, he already made clear, would never happen to give the mayor’s office neither the socialist Carolina Gracia nor the Cambiemos spokesperson Carlos Bernabé. And, obviously, both have also declined to make Aix mayor because the PSOE is, of those three parties, the one with the most councilors. Both of them know, anyway, that there is no intention of negotiating anything. For his part, Gracia also has other concerns, that of strengthening his leadership in the Oriolano PSOE after what he considers an attack, the return to the socialist militancy of those he calls turncoats, the exediles Antonio Zapata and Carmen Gutiérrez, whose view is not it is placed in the town where they have affiliated, Dolores, but in making the leap to Orihuela.

Political wars in the middle of a week, the next, in which Emilio Bascuñana risks his political future, which depends on what his statement derives and that of the witnesses before the judge, and that, to make matters worse, coincides with the monthly plenary session.


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