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At twelfth day of the offense, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine does not end. In several attempts to establish humanitarian corridors, the agreement has not been fulfilled and many lives that were only trying to escape have been left behind.

These are the most relevant news about the conflict of today, March 7, 2022.

Humanitarian corridors to Russian territory

Progress in negotiations between countries is slow. But on the twelfth day of the invasion, the Ukrainian and Russian delegations have held a third round of negotiations in Belarus, near the border with Poland, on political, military and humanitarian issues, including failed attempts to remove civilians from besieged towns such as Kiev, Mariupol or Kharkiv. In this, they have been able to debate and moderately agree on the logistics of the humanitarian corridors. The main drawback is that these would go to Russian territory.

Zelensky calls for an international boycott of Russian oil

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyhas called this Monday to the international community to Russian oil boycott12 days after the country presided over by Vladimir Putin will start the invasion neighbour’s. Likewise, the Ukrainian leader has also asked boycott Russian imports and exports.

The return of Anonymous

The group of hackers ‘Anonymous’, known worldwide, has stated this Monday that it has hacked various broadcasts of the main russian tv channels to avoid official censorship, as he assured this Monday through his Twitter account. Gaining control of some of the major Russian televisions is just one more step within the numerous actions that the famous group of hackers has prepared against the Russian government. Thus, the card for the group to attack digitally is on the table.

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Russia recruits Syrian mercenaries to fight in Ukraine, US says

Moscow is recruiting syrian soldiers with experience in urban fighting to take them to Ukraine to participate in the Russian invasion that began almost two weeks ago. This has been explained by several anonymous US officials to the ‘Wall Street Journal’means that assures that some Syrians would already be in Russian territory preparing to go into combat. According to experts, however, this hypothetical presence of Syrians in Ukraine would have a relatively low impact in the Russian invasion. But, to finish understanding why, consult this link to read the complete news.

The horror of World War II returns to southern Ukraine

In this chronicle, the special envoy of El Periódico, Marc Marginedas, recounts the flight of the Ukrainians from the country after the invasion of Russia. Thus, behind the harsh images and stories, Marginedas finds the simile with the horror that was experienced during the Second World War.

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These are some of the most relevant news of the day, but they do not encompass or limit the magnitude of the conflict. There are many stories behind to tell, such as that of a boy of only 11 years who has traveled alone to Slovakia. Or the consequences that the war can have for the economy, such as the shortage of such essential products as cereals or olive oil.

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