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The XIV Almendralejo Sports Gala rewards athletes and entities

Family photo of the winners together with the authorities on the stage of the theatre. / CG

‘Cisqui’, Paola García, Luis Gonzalo Díaz, Francisco Jesús Rodríguez or Irene Martínez were some of the winners

The Almendralejo athletes once again enjoyed the Sports Gala on Friday night, in which tribute was paid to them individually, to the clubs and the work of the sponsors was also highlighted to make the events possible and the militancy in the different competitions.

On a gala night, the athletes from Almendralejo shone at the Carolina Coronado Theater, in an act presided over by the mayor, José María Ramírez, and the general director of Sports, Dan de Sande.

The XIV edition of the Almendralejo Sports Gala, an event that is organized every two years, was held with the aim of recognizing the work, achievements and successes of the sportsmen, teams and sports clubs of the city.

A jury made up of sports professionals, representatives of sports clubs and the media selects three candidates for each category, who are presented in an open call. Of them, the winners came from the sum of the jury’s vote, which represents 50 percent; from the vote of each local sports entity, which is worth 35 percent, and the remaining 15, from the survey carried out on the City Council’s website in which all citizens who wish to vote vote.

The prize for the best promising male athlete went to Luis Gonzalo Díaz (Volleyball) and the best promising female athlete went to Paola García Lozano (Karate).

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There was a tie in the prize for the best sports entity, which was won ‘ex aequo’ by the Volleyball Club and the Gymnastic Club; while the best sporting event went to the historic 36 hours of futsal.

Francisco Javier Diosdado García, ‘Cisqui’, (Football) won the award for best coach.

In the award for the best individual athlete or male team, the winner was Francisco Jesús Rodríguez González (Weightlifting); while the best individual athlete went to the gymnast Irene Martínez Madera.

The sponsor or collaborator recognition went to Cajalmendralejo, Cisneros Distributions and the Santa Ana University Center.


At the gala, a ‘special mention’ was also given to the retired official who has been in charge of the municipal sports facilities for decades, Carlos Fernández.

In addition, the ‘Sports Merit’ award went to Inés González, who will also receive the Provincial Award this year in the Culture and Sports category, at the proposal of the Almendralejo City Council.

Before this Almond-tree sports gala, as was usual before the pandemic, there was a day of sports in the street, which took place between the Extremadura and Libertad squares and Colombia street. In these activities, the sports schools made their disciplines known to the citizens.

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