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The year we changed our beds … | Blog Bites and Heels

That this year we will all remember it is beyond doubt. Even those of us who have the memory of a fish, we will remember this 2020 due to the magnitude of the events. So that all this does not affect our beds … The year of the pandemic will also go down in our history as the year in which we change beds.

Who else and who least have the sheets burst in the face. To begin with, the first health requirement has been not to have sex with a person with whom you did not live. Which brought a lot of pain: The number of minors abused and abandoned during confinement increased. And for many women it has been an ordeal for not being able to consider separation during or after confinement. But, even those who believed they were living in the greatest of normalities, have lived through extreme situations that forced them to rethink their lives.

1.- We review our life.

Every time I have talked to a user of apps dating has recognized me that as much as she wanted her husband to have a lover was part of her expectations. During the first months of confinement, when we could not leave the house and looked for balconies to breathe in our lives, the platform Gleeden, from extramarital encounters, increased connections and messages sent by more than 160%. We put up with husband and children, but backfired outside the home. Shorter connections, but more repeated in time. Every day we send a message.

As for divorces, we are not bad. As soon as we got out of confinement and they told us to rebuild our lives we choose who to do it with. Divorce claims increased in the third quarter of the year. As for no. After what we’ve been through.

Despite the fact that demographic auguries are not very good in Spain, in some provinces there has been an increase in hospital care for pregnancies. Up to 15%, for example, in Almería. A decrease in fertility treatments is expected and, at the same time, that access to prophylactic measures will be complicated in developing countries due to the coronavirus.

2.- We sophisticated our sheets.

Ana is from a town in Huesca, lives in Madrid and has no partner. Until now he had a wonderful schedule of sporadic lovers. Men and women rushing by; always the same people. His sex life, magnificent. Thank you. Until this shit blew up. By age, twenty-nine, is one of those who has incorporated the sexting to his usual life. One of her lovers is special. And he is the owner of the erotic toy at a distance that allows them sextear while they masturbate each other. He is also the one who had to quarantine to enter Spain, so when they see each other, they have sex. That and a few more sporadic, who have had to go through quarantine for different reasons, have completed their string of love affairs in times of pandemic. She is just a sophisticated example of our changing habits. But the figures are not deceiving. Only in Spain, the Lelo brand of erotic products has increased its sales by 20%. This means that, after the hecatomb, when everything was paralyzed and had to be reset, we reached 2021 including love paraphernalia unthinkable until very recently. Clitoral suckers are off the charts in sales, and for the first time, the second toy is a male masturbator. A virguería that does the same as a mouth, which they dare not call a penis sucker, but almost.

They do not know of people who thank me for having discovered this or that contraption …

3.- We relate in another way, we have sex in another way.

Ginger is a 50-year-old woman who went from shared sexual encounters with her husband, going to places where she could exchange partners, to having her own string of lovers. Men and women with whom she has sex without her husband participating, even if he knows of her existence. The coronavirus caught them in the middle of the couple’s transformation swinger a liberal couple. Ginger loves her husband. And he is her best lover. But that does not mean that she can sleep with whoever she wants, including the odd youngster. “Sex online It doesn’t interest me too much, despite the fact that it was during the confinement that I resorted with all my lovers. Then I started seeing some. I have been physically with someone who was very confident, I knew them before and they assured me that they had complied with the security measures “. Liberal contact platforms, as Ginger tells us, have promoted their staging online. The extramarital dating portals have hit it and, while the clubs closed their facilities, the Internet portals were entering new markets., portal in which Ginger operates, has devised something called livestream, that puts users in contact so that they can expose themselves as explicitly as they want and share their sexual concerns. “She has a choice, says Ginger, for you to say if you are willing to have sex online with the lovers that may arise. And you choose with whom and you do it. ”

Perfect showcase of sex-affective information at the request of users, including unconventional sex, the one that we can hardly say we practice. This pandemic helps us to perfect our techniques and to get out of many closets. They make it so easy for you that, before you know it, you find yourself having a sex that you didn’t even think about and with whom you least imagined.

The year we changed beds ...

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