Thursday, May 26

The “Yellow Peril”: How Asians Have Been Stigmatized Throughout American History

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Cartoon showing an image of Uncle Sam expelling a Chinese immigrant.

Image source, United States Library of Congress


This advertisement for a soap brand from the 1880s was captioned “The Chinese Must Go.”

They spit on them, insult them in the street and, on occasions, are victims of physical attacks.

The United States is experiencing an increase in racist attacks against citizens of Asian origin.

Only between March and December 2020, 2,808 complaints about this type of attack were reported, of which 8.7% involved physical assaults and 71% supposed Verbal harassment, according to data from the Stop AAPI Hate organization.

Behind these actions, many see the effects of far-right rhetoric blaming Asians for the covid-19 pandemic. A speech that former President Donald Trump was accused of being part of during his tenure with his recurring references to the “Chinese virus.”

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