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The youtuber Lory Monet (Ola k ase) participates in the short film of the mollar pomegranate of Elche

An image of the recording of the short film La Granada de Elche.

An image of the recording of the short film La Granada de Elche.

The youtuber and rapper Lory Money (Dara Dia) has participated in the short film of the Protected Designation of Origin of the Granada Mollar de Elche, named ‘Wilson’, with a cameo that recalls some of the episodes from his past such as the street vendor job he did when he came to Spain by boat from Senegal.

In his speech he also appears listening to his first single (Santa Claus) and predicting that one day it would be famous just as it happened after the release of that song and the definitive push he got with ‘Ola k Ase’ on YouTube, a channel where he has accumulated more than 50 million views of all his songs.

Also, Lory Money plays a very important role in the short film to help the protagonist in the emotional outcome that this story has.

Lory Money (Dara Dia) has pointed out that this experience has been “very interesting” and recalled that “when I was young I always liked this world of music and movies. For me it was a dream, it was something I only dreamed of and I never thought I could do something like that and today I am seeing that my dream is coming true again ”.

A reality like this short film that premiered a little over fifteen days ago and that already accumulates close to 200,000 views and it has been shared more than 1,500 times through social networks.

Wilson is a short film that captivates and excites you from the hand of Jordi, a young lifeguard, and Remedios, the user of the accessible point who suffers Alzheimer’s. Remedios smiles every time something happens that connects with his past and when the young lifeguard discovers the story behind him, he leaves behind his most joking side to bring out his good interior and give us one of those endings that shrink the heart.

Behind this story is the Protected Designation of Origin of Granada Mollar de Elche with the aim of assessing the importance of having a good interior, giving visibility to a disease such as Alzheimer’s that some 800,000 Spaniards suffer from and, although there is no direct reference to the pandemic, pay tribute to the people most affected by it: our elders.

Among the hundreds of comments received, people describe this short film as “emotional, beautiful, moving, wonderful, impressive and precious”, along with the tears of various viewers and reflections on the need to care for children. greater.

The short film Wilson is written and directed by Pau Rodilla and David Gaspar who rejoin after winning the Yincana of confined cinema chaired by Javier Fesser for his short ‘Almost’. In addition, David Gaspar is also part of the cast along with actress Elia Sanmartín, (who plays the role of Asun, Remedios’ daughter), Encarna Silgado (Remedios) who makes her big screen debut at 76 years old and Lory Money.

The president of the PDO of Granada Mollar de Elche, Francisco Oliva, specifies that “this Bell about the good interior helps us to differentiate ourselves in the market. Our pomegranate is not as striking on the outside, nor is it as red as other varieties of pomegranate, but it is the only one whose quality is recognized with a Denomination of Origin and has incredible characteristics such as its sweet taste or its soft seed ”.

The short film can be seen on the website of the Denomination of Origin of the grenades from Elche, on his YouTube channel and the rest of his social networks.

The main stage of the same are the Elche beaches and this production, whose campaign has been developed by the Siberia agency, has been possible thanks to the help of the Alicante Provincial Council and the collaboration of the Elche City Council and VisitElche.

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