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The Zamora Prosecutor’s Office demands 70 years in prison for the alleged sale of girls to get married

House in which the sister of the minors lived.

House in which the sister of the minors lived.

The seven accused of crimes of human trafficking and of coercion to enter into a forced marriage a two minors of Romanian nationality who lived in the custody of his older sister, from initials MC, in Morales de Toro, after being raped by their biological father, face jail sentences of 70 years, according to the indictment of the fiscal Ministery. In addition, the public prosecution requires restraining orders from the alleged victims, now of legal age, but who they were 16 and 17 years old when they got married in 2018 with males, one of them also minor. They both stayed pregnant in no time.

The supposed sale of the two sisters for 8,000 euros each one to both families to marry them with their children is a crime of coercion for forced marriage, whereby the Public Prosecutor requires 10 years in prison for five of the seven defendants, initials AMV .; FAM; GM; AC; and AA, that is, sentences totaling 50 years.

The Provincial Prosecutor’s Office He imputes, on the other hand, a crime of trat from humans to sister of the minors and to brother-in-law, initials MD, for which requires 20 years for each, in total 40 for who will not be able to approach or communicate with the two alleged victims, now of legal age. The bull judge who directed the investigation issued provisional detention for this defendant.

The two alleged victims visited their older sister and brother-in-law with some frequency so as not to raise suspicions about what happened, and one of the girls had returned for a longer period because she had problems with her husband’s family.

In addition, the brother-in-law of the adolescents is charged with a crime of sexual abuse towards the lesser of 16 years and the Prosecutor requests another 5 years in jail, so he faces a total of 25 years. It also asks the Provincial Court for other 5 years away from the alleged victim within 500 meters and freedom supervised during 5 years.

The police investigation started with the disappearance complaint made by the mother of the two adolescents, born in 2000 and 2001, after they came under the guardianship of their older sister and moved to the Zamora town of Morales del He came, as reported by the Subdelegation of the Government in Zamora in January 2018, when the seven defendants were arrested by the National Police.

One of those arrested during the police operation.

The Foreigners Brigade from Zamora Police Station she was in charge of following the trail of the two minors, who belonged to the Romanian community settled in the municipality of the town of Zamora.

The two teenagers had been in Morales del Toro When her older sister and her husband decided to sell them two families to marry one of their children, always according to the accusation of the Prosecutor’s office, facts that the defense lawyers deny, who ask for free acquittal.

The first of the deals would take place in the summer 2018, with the least of 17 years, who would hand over to the family of another minor, supposedly the couple formed by C.A. Y A.A. charged with coercion to force a marriage. The alleged agreement involved the payment of 8.000 euros in exchange for the minor marrying her son. The alleged victim would go on to live habitually in a house of Morales de Toro of the parents of who was already her husband within the customs that these citizens of Romania. The adolescent became pregnant soon after, although she gave birth when the police intervention had already occurred and she had come under the control of protection of the Junta from Castilla y León, as a precautionary measure imposed by the Toro judge who investigated the case.

Towards the month of November, the other alleged victim, aged 16, was handed over to another family to enter into a marriage supposedly arranged by the minor’s sister and her husband upon payment of another 8,000 euros by the man’s parents. This time, the youngest went to live in the Valladolid town of Pozaldez with her husband and his family, as recorded in the judicial proceedings. The pregnancy of the minor She also arrived early and gave birth when she was already in the custody of the Board, like her sister, by decision of the judge. The telephone interventions were decisive in discovering the possible plot and the sexual abuse and to arrest the accused on January 28, 2018.

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