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The Zombie ‘Rules’ Of Netflix’s ‘All Of Us Are Dead’

Netflix has once again turned to Korean zombies for another fantastic production. We’ve seen this once already with Kingdom, but now, we’re headed to the present day with the 12 episode series All of Us Are Dead, the closest thing to a TV adaptation of Train to Busan we’re likely to see ( and incidentally, better than its quasi-sequel, Peninsula).

I’m not all the way finished with the series yet, but I thought it might be wise to go through the “rules” of the zombies we saw in All of Us Are Dead, as those tend to change across zombie media. And there’s one pretty big change here that I haven’t really seen in the zombie space before.

Mild spoilers follow, but nothing the show doesn’t spell out in relatively short order.

  • These are “fast zombies,” as opposed to George A Romero/Walking Dead slow, shuffling zombies. They also have a lot more strength than regular humans.
  • These zombies are not “hungry.” They do not eat brains. They don’t eat people at all, really. They bite people as a means for the parasite inside them to spread the virus. Once a person is infected enough, the zombies will ignore them and move on, even before they turn.
  • Once bitten, you will turn into a zombie yourself anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. The more severe the bite the faster it seems to go. You will get a nosebleed, then more or less instantly convulse and die before the virus then resurrects you as a zombie. So far, we have not seen any emergency tactics like cutting off an arm to prevent spread. It appears to move too fast for that to work.

  • Perhaps the strangest things about these zombies is their weak point. So far, it’s not mainly their head. The old “destroy the brain” technique is not what we’re seeing kill zombies here, most of the time. i believe that does still work, but in order for All of Us Are Dead to give its students a fighting chance, it’s revealed that you can stab them in the neck to kill them as well. Not sure I’ve ever seen that in zombie fiction before.
  • You can also get infected if zombie blood is introduced to any open wound, which can even be a scratch. This infection seems to be slower, however.

Those are the key highlights here. The zombie plague here is a virus whose main purpose is to spread and propagate itself, not that it creates very hungry zombies who must consume entire people. Bite, move on, bite, move on. And that makes it spread much, much faster. Don’t get too attached to anybody on this show, honestly. It’s one of the most brutal series I’ve seen in terms of killing off people you wouldn’t imagine.

I still need to finish it up, but I’m guessing like a zombie plague, All of Us are Dead is going to begin to go viral on Netflix soon enough here. It’s debuted at #3 in the top 10, and I expect it to rise from there.

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