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Theater as a tool to find work in Cáceres

The program, to which 11 people are signed up, still has free places. / TODAY

Start a program based on creative techniques to help the long-term unemployed manage to return to the world of work

The first pilot project of ‘EmpleArte’ in Cáceres, to help long-term unemployed people to reactivate their job search with innovative techniques inspired by artistic disciplines, has begun with the participation of 11 long-term unemployed people (seven women and four men) and there are still free places to participate, indicates the City Council in a press release. The beneficiaries of this program are between the ages of 22 and 41 and have various educational levels. They come from fields such as education, philology, commerce, administration, cleaning, health, care for the elderly or advertising, among others.

The innovation of this program lies in the fact that all these activities will be complemented “with theatrical techniques to overcome loneliness or the discouragement of unemployment, help them locate their professional objective and enhance their creativity in the active search for employment,” says the City Council.

During the next three months, the participants will learn to make a comprehensive job search plan, update their CV, rehearse interviews, reinforce transversal and digital skills and contact companies. It will be in operation until August in a mixed format that combines virtual and face-to-face sessions, in premises provided free of charge by the City Council.


Desiré Fernández Luna is the Fundación Santa María la Real employment technician who has carried out the selection process, and who will accompany and advise the participants to improve their employability. She explains that they will carry out emotional intelligence dynamics to learn how to develop a comprehensive job search plan and focus on their professional objective; they will learn new programs to update their resume; they will rehearse job interviews to gain confidence and security in the selection processes; they will reinforce their transversal competences and digital skills; They will make employability maps and contact companies to promote their labor insertion.

“They arrive expectant, wanting to try new methods, to learn how to focus their job search, prepare a good resume, improve interviews, know how to approach companies and pass a selection process,” said Fernández Luna.

The Councilor for Social Affairs, María José Pulido, recalled that “it is a totally free program, promoted by the Santa María la Real Foundation; with co-financing from the European Social Fund and the Junta de Extremadura; and with the collaboration of the City Council. This year 12 pilot projects will be carried out in 6 cities in the country, two of them in Cáceres”.

People interested in participating in the program, completely free, can fill out the registration form enabled on the web

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