Wednesday, November 25

Thebes: “Spanish football has an excess of spending of about 500 million euros”

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, assured this Saturday in the framework of MARCA Sport Weekend that Spanish football has “an excess of spending of about 500 million euros”Therefore, “some clubs” will have to continue working “to reduce the wage bill again”.

During his speech, Javier Tebas appreciated that the clubs have made “an exercise to reduce the wage bill” since the outbreak of the pandemic, although he recognized that this first effort is insufficient since, not being able to enter the 45 percent foreseen in ‘ ticketing ‘, “the clubs are exceeded by 500 million euros because they cannot remove the players with the contracts.”

Some clubs have to keep working to reduce the wage bill again. The most affected in Spain are Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid… Those clubs cannot be taken away from players. To end the season, Spanish football would lack about 490 million euros to pay the club expenses. But it doesn’t happen to everyone. We have detected 17 clubs, some are missing 100 million and others, three; but maybe the one with three million is worse than the other. We are working to see how we fix it. Valencia stops being in the Champions League, for example, and they criticize that it sells players. And it is that he has to sell them. And Barcelona must lower player salaries to finish the season. They have no other option, “he said.

Thebes claimed that other leagues “are in a more complicated situation” than the Spanish and he was surprised that “the Premier League makes an investment of 1,200 million in transfers” in the current context.

The president of LaLiga also asked “regulate” rather than “prohibit” sportsbook sponsorship, since they give Spanish football “90 million euros”. “In the Premier, for example, they do. We are going to lose talent in the championship,” he stressed.

With respect to the Super League, Tebas commented that “it is still clandestine, less than 30 seconds after a Bartomeu press conference, which came out saying that he had signed some papers.”

The Super League seems like a joke to me. It is impossible for a tournament to come out with the major European leagues against. I would call it ‘Interplanetary League’, because it is so incredible that a team from Mars will appear to play. It is impossible for the big clubs that are going to compete there to put at risk what the League or the Champions League is giving them. They would have to find a fund of 12,000 million euros. When Bartomeu explained it, a club president told me: ‘Javier, I wasn’t in that bar,’ “he said.

To the Candidates for the presidency of Barcelona suggested “that the issue of independence should be put aside”.

Asked about a future Real Madrid without Sergio Ramos or a future Barcelona without Leo Messi, Javier Tebas replied that “they have put a lot of wickers to avoid suffering those player losses”. “Cristiano Ronaldo left and we have not noticed it and Serie A either. Neymar went to PSG and Ligue 1 is still Ligue 1. Spanish football has managed to be above the names of the players,” he remarked.

On the other hand, Tebas indicated that without an audience “the essence of football” is lost, as well as product and value.

The appearance of the vaccine gives that date that we will be able to return. I hope that sooner, because when the vaccine is put in the elderly and in other types of essential groups, there will no longer be so much fear of health collapse and perhaps such questions will be raised, “he valued.

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