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Their dishwasher broke down, they opened it up for repair and found a nasty surprise

Two young men decided to fix a dishwasher on their own and were horrified by what they found.

Two young men decided to fix a dishwasher on their own and were horrified by what they found.

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One family’s dishwasher stopped working and by not detecting the problem with the naked eye, before calling a specialist to find the cause and save money, they decided to disarm it to rule out an internal malfunction. While recording the procedure on video, They got an unpleasant surprise that left them frozen.

The tiktoker Trinity Kirkland shared on the social network the images of the moment in which, together with her partner, they opened the appliance of the young woman’s mother, since it had stopped working and they believed that the problem was in the circuit. To get rid of the doubt, see if they could take care of themselves to fix the fault in a simple way and avoid incurring technical service expenses, they began to take it apart. It was when they removed the back cover of the artifact that they made the shocking discovery.

“My boyfriend found out why my mother’s dishwasher didn’t work,” he titled the film, which lasts just 13 seconds. Enough time to find out why the appliance was broken: they appeared at least 5 rats moving indoors, generating a malfunction in its operation by dislodging the cables that allow it to operate correctly.

“They are there. You see them? There are a lot, ”Trinity tells her boyfriend after the shock of the discovery. Immediately, they decide to close the device as a prevention so that the rodents do not escape. Since its publication, the material has been viewed 4.4 million times and many of the users did not hesitate to express their horror at such a scene.

Although the vast majority of those who saw the recording stated that they now have a “new unblocked fear”, many others joked about the reason why the animals were there: “They are Cinderella’s helpers”, “They can be professionals in the field and be fixing it “,” They found their home “, were some of the comments. Despite the great viralization of the video, the young woman who decided to share this situation still did not reveal how they solved the infestation in her mother’s kitchen.

Apparently, the reason why the rats would have chosen to nest in that peculiar corner of the home would be that They were attracted by food scraps, which can accumulate in the dishwasher after cleaning the dishes. Rodents are in constant search for food and the appliance, if not in optimal hygienic conditions, could provide them with shelter and warmth as well as nutrients.

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