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“There are wonderful teams that have been playing this tournament for 60 years and have only won 4 or 5 times”

  • The Catalan coach emphasizes that he cannot blame his team for anything because it was his first Champions League final

  • “The game has been very even and we have not suffered defensively,” he says

Pep Guardiola he gave himself a sincere hug with Thomas tuchel just after finishing the Champions League final, he stopped to congratulate Azpilicueta in the hallway that the champions made to the City on their way to collect the medals and he kissed the trophy without caring that he recognized him as a loser. He had not seen himself in one as a coach (yes as a player, in Athens), but Santpedor’s coach put in the balance that it was the first Champions League final for Manchester City to value what he achieved.

“We had an excellent season, I would say exceptional. I’m sad to have lost, but with nothing to reproach. We compete incredibly well,” the coach began by saying. “It was our first time hereSo let’s get ready to return one day. “

“They are very physical”

Guardiola was clear when explaining what he was looking for with his lineup, without a midfielder: “A lot of play.” And he defended that, despite the defeat, it cannot be said that it went wrong. “The game has been very close. We have not suffered defensively. We’ve had a couple to reach out and push her, but they haven’t come out. In the second half we were very good against a very strong team. They have not left the area. They are very physical and giving them chances is not easy“.

And insisting on treating City as a ‘rookie’ team in Europe, he added: “There are wonderful teams that have been playing this competition for 60 years and have won it four or five times.. For us, being here is very big. “

Perhaps Santpedor’s was already thinking about the challenge ahead. Not only with Tuchel, who appears to be his kryptonite, but to lift the spirits of a team that ended up shattered. Since knocked out De Bruyne, who lived something similar to that of Salah in Kiev, until the desolate Zinchenko, who began to cry with the whistle of Mateu Lahoz (who also ended up emotional) and could not stop. Omen, who also ended up with reddened eyes, will have to do therapy in Barcelona.

The happiness of Azpilicueta

Quite the opposite of the Chelsea captain. César Azpilicueta He couldn’t contain his joy before attending to the media. “It’s a lot of emotion. It’s a long career, the most you can win at the club level. It is a pride to be captain of this team. I have had the beauty, raising the glass, but it is a team effort. From the bench, from the locker room, you could see that energy that has made the difference. “He is the first Spanish footballer to lift his ‘orejona’ as captain of a foreign team.

With no apparent desire for revenge, the Navarrese player, who has been in London for nine years, recalled that no one was waiting for them in this final. And less winning it. “In the knockout round against Atlético everyone thought it was our last step in the competition, but we have worked and believed in ourselves.” And Tuchel seems to have found the antidote against City. He never could with Guardiola in Germany, but in England he had already beaten him twice in a few months. “Like this none, eh? It was spectacular. It was a great goal and we had chances to score the second,” he said.

The Alonso saga, grandfather and grandson champions

Although for happy, the Alonso family. Marcos stayed this Saturday without playing a single minute in the final, something that his grandfather and father had done. First, Marquitos, raised the trophy, nothing less than five times with Madrid, the first five editions of the tournament. The second, also known as Marcos Alonso, was left with honey on his lips as a Barça player in the final of Seville against Steaua. Never had a grandfather and a grandson been European champions. “I have a few to hesitate, like my father or Cesc (Fàbregas), which have wavered me during the week, “said the player, ready to repeat and play:” We will have to fight and go for another. “

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Tuchel’s surprise

For the Chelsea manager everything was surprises: from the City line-up to the taste of victory. “I expected Fernandinho to play, the truth. He chose a very offensive team, a very technical team, “acknowledged the German coach.” It’s a fantastic achievement. He had won at lower levels, but I did not know what this feeling was like. Now is the time to celebrate and then go for the next success, for the next title, “he warned.

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