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There is an urgent need to speed up vaccination, which has only reached one in six residences

Yesterday new doses arrived in the Community for its supply throughout this week |  INFORMATION

Yesterday new doses arrived in the Community for its supply throughout this week | INFORMATION

Just one in six nursing homes50 out of 327 throughout the Community have completed the process of coronavirus vaccination among residents and workers since the campaign began on December 27, a figure that for the Aerate de Los geriatrics employers is “Clearly insufficient” and it is “very far” from the planning proposed by the Ministry of Health in the beginning.

“The first Sunday that vaccination began it seemed that everything was done and it is surprising that with 30,000 doses for the following week, as was assured by Health, barely 5,000 vaccines were given throughout the Community, 16% of those received. We took it for granted that the plan that began that Sunday would have continuity and it has not been like that, which surprises us ». Jose Maria Toro, president of the employer’s association of centers for the elderly in the Community, considers that if the problem were the lack of vaccines, it could be understood, but that in the face of “a matter of Public Health” it should be urgent to vaccinate as soon as possible and continue to do so even “for the purposes of week”.

«It cannot be that vaccinations are in refrigerators and not on people. You should not stop on weekends” insistsists Toro.

The Minister of Health herself, Ana Barceló, Asked about this by this newspaper assured that Within a week it is expected to complete the vaccination of all users and workers of nursing homes. “Between Monday and Tuesday of next week, the first dose of vaccine will have been administered to all residents and workers of centers for the elderly,” he specified while indicating that he had transferred it to the president, Ximo Puig.

Barceló also specified that from next week they will begin to distribute the dose for vaccination of healthcare professionals of the health centers, the second group of vaccination according to the plan established by the Ministry. “As soon as the Moderna vaccine is authorized and its distribution begins, it will begin to vaccinate health personnel in hospitals” also, adds the head of Health.

From their department they indicate that as long as they continue to be received at a rate of 30,000 weekly doses of vaccine, 10,000 will be distributed for the province of Alicante, 5,000 for that of Castellón and 16,000 for that of Valencia, and that in the whole of the Community they will go at a rate of 5,000 daily vaccinations from Monday to Friday, because on weekends “for now and if it is not necessary” will not be vaccinated.

In the Community Medical Union, they coincide with the employers’ association of residences in that only 17% of the dose received, an initial photo, have been supplied, while there are new massive infections in centers for the elderly without having had the necessary control measures », Laments the general secretary of the group, Victor Pedrera.

He adds that in order to vaccinate 70% of the population in the Community this summer, as provided by Health, “136,000 weekly vaccines should be provided and administered to reach 3,520,000 people, well above the 30,000 weekly doses announced ». However, they trust that the figure provided by the Ministry will increase as new vaccines are approved.

In fact, from the department of the councilor Barceló PMterday specified to this newspaper that “As soon as more doses arrive we will vaccinate twice”, but that “for now, the teams move based on what they have.” They also admit that last week it was only possible to reach “5,000 doses on a single day”, but that “it could even reach” “10,000”, despite emphasizing on the other hand that You cannot force a workforce that is already overloaded by covid to work weekends.

The calculations that point from Health start from the fact that in two months 1.5 million people have been vaccinated against influenza, And that the most complicated thing in the coronavirus is that you have to put two doses, in addition to transport on dry ice to maintain the freezing level. “You can make up the days Lost this week,” they say.

From the Community Nursing Association, however, they raise “doubts that it may be feasible”, as pointed out by the president, José Ramón Martínez Riera. «The teare, and what they are and they give for what they give. If you have to reconcile vaccinating with daily care work, neither of the two can be done well, “he says. They propose to Health to open vaccination to professional volunteers.

Within two weeks, as of January 21, Health plans to start supplying the second dose of the vaccine to the elderly in residences and workers who have received the first dose, and the employers continue to wonder when they will be vaccinated “in the more than a hundred centers that have infections”, as Toro says, while demanding that vaccines be included to residents of day centers. “They are equally elderly who enter and leave these centers daily,” he concludes.

Among the centers vaccinated PMterday are the PMSal etaenidorm, La Saleta de Calpe and the Provincial Home of the Provincial Council in Alicante; Desamparados de Llíria, Camp de Turia de Benaguasil and Oliva Third Age in Valencia; and Hogar Virgen del Lidón in Castellón.

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