Wednesday, October 27

“There is not much difference between drug addiction and cell phone addiction”

  • Jose Carlos Cueto
  • BBC News World

Marc Masip.

Image source, Marc Masip


The Spanish psychologist Marc Masip works with young people to educate them on the proper use of technology and avoid developing addictions.

If you are anxious to imagine a world without Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, watch your dependence on new technologies. You may be addicted.

This experiment already occurred on October 4, when millions of people were frustrated when these three services were turned off for six hours.

A frustration that, in its extreme examples, there are those who dare to compare it with a abstinence syndrome like the one suffered by quitting drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

It may seem like an exaggerated comparison, but the Spanish psychologist Marc Masip defends it tooth and nail.

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