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There will be no tickets for the general public and access will be by invitation only

One Eurovision Song Contest it wouldn’t be the same without eurodrama and the Benidorm festival it was not going to be less. On this occasion the controversy has come from the Benidorm festival tickets. And it is that RTVE, organizer of the event in agreement with the Generalitat Valenciana, has confirmed in a last minute note that there will be no tickets to attend the Benidorm Fest as a public. Or put another way, the only way to enter the event it will be with an invitation.

In the post about Benidorm Fest tickets, RTVE has reported that the total number of invitations to attend the Benidorm Fest will be 500. RTVE has underlined that all these tickets are “free and by direct invitation” and will be distributed by Boomerang, which has subcontracted Temps to distribute them.

The latter has been responsible for deliver the invitations to the two Spanish fan associations: OGAE and AEV, according to the letter from RTVE. The note also indicates that a part of the Benidorm Fest tickets managed by Temps have ended up to specialized media, and there is another fraction of reserved invitations and to distribute between the own RTVE, the Generalitat Valenciana and the City council of Benidorm.

people with invitation to attend the Benidorm Fest they will receive a code with which they must enter to download the access ticket to the venue -physical or digital-. And RTVE has confirmed that it will not be mandatory to attend the two semifinals to attend the end of the Benidorm Fest. In addition, all the guests will share the same access route to the venue and the 500 tickets will be located in the pit in front of the stage on which they will act artists participating in the Benidorm Fest.

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RTVE’s decision not to put tickets for the Benidorm Fest on sale to the public general is beginning to raise a stir on social networks and there are already several accounts of eurofans who have already made public their discomfort: “Most of us do not belong to any association”. Others eurofans have gone further and have requested that the project be projected Benidorm festival in the Julio Iglesias auditorium.

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