Tuesday, September 26

These 7 Android apps help you get fit

If you want to start exercising you have come to the right place, we have compiled 7 applications with which you can start exercising right now.

Although many people consider the months before summer as the time to get in shape, any month is a good month to start training. And, it is that, doing sports is something beneficial for everyone even if it is done twice a week or a couple of minutes a day throughout the weeks and months.

Many times starting to play sports is somewhat complicated because you do not have enough knowledge to start exercising. We have decided to put an end to this and that is why we have got down to work: we have compiled 7 applications for Android phones that will help you start exercising.

These applications are very different from each other and, therefore, it is most convenient that they be used in a complementary way. Also, In the case of seriously wanting to start exercising, the most convenient thing is to support the performance of training with devices such as smart watches or smart bracelets.

Strava: run, ride, walk

The first application within this collection is one of the best known around the world, Strava. This application allows you to collect your routes made both walking, running or cycling, in addition to being able to share them with other users and see what these people do in their day to day. Direct link to the Google app store.

Seven: 7 minutes of exercise

Seven is an application whose name indicates the theme that we will find inside. And, it is that, what this application indicates is that with only 7 minutes of exercise you can achieve results. The way it works is quite simple since each user can choose the plan they want to follow and start doing it guided by the instructions of the application. Direct link to the Google app store.

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Sweat is an application that, due to its description in the Google application store, is intended for a female audience. The truth is that we have installed it and we find a fairly complete application at the training level and with an extensive explanation about how to do it. It is recommended for everyone. Direct link to the Google app store.

Step Tracking, Health

This may be the most basic application of all those in this collection. We are faced with an app in which what you will have to do is start walking from one place to another and that’s it. This application is dedicated to counting the steps, calculating the pace of these steps, the distance and the duration of the journey along with the calories burned. Direct link to the Google app store.

Dumbbell Training

Dumbbell Training is an application that tells exactly how it works. In this application you will face workouts in which you will have to use dumbbells in order to finish it completely. The truth is that they also include workouts without equipment in case you don’t have weights. Direct link to the Google app store.

HIIT Workouts | Sweat & lose weight in 30 days!

HIIT Workouts is an app that is packed with high intensity workouts that can be done in short periods of time, but that are very effective when exercising. The workouts are usually short and the application will guide you at all times as to how to perform these workouts. Direct link to the Google app store.

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Lose Weight in 30 Days

The name of the app says it all. In this app what is intended is to lose weight in just 30 days. Obviously it will not be a drastic weight loss and, normally, this has to be accompanied by a balanced diet. But what he proposes is to carry out training continuously until it becomes a habit. Direct link to the Google app store.

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