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These are all the series and movies that premiere on Amazon Prime Video in June

Amazon Prime Video has shown the catalog that will arrive in June and, the truth is that it is interesting how varied it is at a general level.

Summer is just around the corner and June could be considered as the month that starts the heat throughout the peninsula. Of course, there is always time to watch series and movies that there is not only time for the beach. Amazon Prime Video has just published all the news that will arrive on the platform in the coming days.

There are a lot of new things, though. there are some that have been brought forward to the month of June and are already available, such as the new horror film by Álex de la Iglesia of which our colleagues at Hobby Consoles have an extensive review in which they break down all the details of this new film.

Of course, there is not only terror in the news for the month of June on Amazon Prime Video. And, it is that, one of the most acclaimed series by fans of comics from publishers that move away from Marvel and DC returns. Yes, we are talking about The Boys that premieres its third season on June 3 within the streaming platform.

If superheroes or, rather, people who hate superheroes are not your thing, you can opt for series like The Summer I Fell in Love or My Fake Boyfriend, which arrive on June 17. Although if what you want are Spanish productions with an excessive ambition, Without limits is your series and it arrives on June 10.

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And, it is that, Without Limits is a production that has put RTVE and Amazon Prime Video to work hand in hand. In this series you will be able to see the trip of Elcano and Magellan around the world in complete detail. But if you’re in the mood for low-brow content and to pass the time, The One That Got Away is the reality show to watch, premiering on June 24.

also ran irreverent animated series for adults graduates, Fairfax will make an appearance on June 10 so you can enjoy the adventures of a group of friends in Los Angeles trying to become famous. Following the series, The Wilds already has its two seasons within Amazon Prime Video.

Harlem is another series that will arrive with its first season, the genre is comedy and we will immerse ourselves in the lives of four friends who try to fulfill their dream after graduating from university. Leaving aside the series, we are going to move on to the movies that are going to land on Amazon Prime Video.

The first to arrive is Clifford. The big red dog, this movie will hit the platform on June 3 and it is a perfect title to spend the afternoon with small children or reconnect with childhood where everything is simpler or, at least, it seems so. The truth is that there is no age limit to see Clifford.

Agents 365 is the next film to arrive and it does so on June 8. The film focuses on a group of elite women spies who will have to face a threat that endangers global security. Its cast includes Jessica Chastain, Penélope Cruz, Bingbing Fan, Diane Kruger and Lupita Nyon’o.

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the next movie is The world is yours, a Spanish production that opens on June 17 on the platform. It is a fairly costumbrista film at the plot level and, is that, we have all the basic elements of Spanish culture and, the truth is that they are extolled to generate a greater sense of unreality.

Leaving aside this tape based on or used by the folklore of Spain we make the jump to Moonfall, a film starring Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson and John Bradley. Throughout the two hours and ten minutes that the film lasts, what we will see is how a group of people tries to avoid global collapse due to the Moon approaching the Earth.

Moonfall will be released on June 24 on Amazon Prime Video for the enjoyment of all users, although the films that will reach the platform have not yet been finished. And, is that, we have two very interesting titles. In fact, one of them got the nomination of a singer and actress for the best actress award at the Oscars.

Yes, we are talking about House of Gucci that will arrive on June 26 on the streaming platform. The truth is that it is a bombshell since it is a film that was in theaters relatively recently and being able to enjoy it from the sofa is a complete privilege. The other tape that arrives is Kajillionarie and it will do it on June 26 too.

This last film has a quite different title in Spanish, being How to survive in a material world the name that has been stuck to it. What we will find is a tape where the life of a woman changes radically because her parents want to make a coup and for that they invite a stranger to join the family.

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June is an interesting month on Amazon Prime Video and it seems that the content that will arrive on the platform is for all tastes. We hope that you get hooked on a series or that you enjoy one of the movies that we have mentioned. We withdraw until the Amazon streaming platform has new content.

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