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These are the 37 bathing areas in Extremadura with Health endorsement this season

The official list of bathing areas in Extremadura that have adequate sanitary quality is already known. This season, the region offers tourists, locals and visitors 37 natural spaces that can boast of having waters with a quality endorsed by the Ministry of Health for recreational use, one more than last year. This census is published each year through the NAYADE information system, in coordination with the regional and local administrations.

Of the 37 areas in which we can bathe this year with guarantees endorsed by controls, 23 are in the province of Cáceres and the remaining 14 in Badajoz. Among them are, of course, the 8 blue flags that Extremadura’s reservoirs will wear this year in the towns of Orellana la Vieja, Cheles, Campanario, Alange, Casas de Don Pedro, Castuera, Talarrubias and Herrera del Duque.

Within the list there are several municipalities that can boast of having more than one bathing area with a sanitary guarantee within their municipal area. These are Acebo (with Carreciá and Jevero), Cañamero (with the Cancho del Fresno reservoir and Charco de la Nutria) and Navaconcejo, the only one with three spaces within the NAYADE system (Benidorm beach, El Pilar and El Cristo ).

Peloche beach, in Herrera del Duque. /


As for the list of places by province, in Badajoz, almost all bathing areas are located in its large reservoirs, except for three, which are located on the banks of rivers. It is the river beach of Medellín, in the Guadiana; the banks of the Usagre, in the town of the same name and to the south of the region; and the Entrerríos beach, in Zújar (Villanueva de la Serena).

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As for the reservoirs, in Alqueva the beaches of Cheles (blue flag) and Villanueva del Fresno stand out, with its Molino de Porra beach; in García de Sola we find Peloche beach, in Herrera del Duque, and Puerto Peña, in Talarrubias.

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The Orellana reservoir is the one with the most bathing areas. On its shores we find Costa Dulce, the enclave that achieved the first blue flag for the region (Orellana la Vieja) and to which another two are added this year, Campanario and Calicantos, in Casas de Don Pedro. To these must be added the area of ​​Los Llanos de Orellana de la Sierra.

The Isla del Zújar beach, also a blue flag since this year, is located in Castuera. And in Mérida there is ‘La charca’, in the Roman dam of Proserpina, a very popular recreational place in the regional capital.

In the province of Cáceres, most of the areas with a sanitary guarantee are gorges, rivers and streams, except for the Cancho del fresno de Cañamero reservoir and the San Juan stream in Torre de Don Miguel.

The gorges in the north of the province that are on the NAYADE list are Alardos, Madrigal de la Vera, the natural border with the province of Ávila; the well-known gorge of Cuartos, in Losar de la Vera; the Jaranda gorge, in Jarandilla; Moro River, in Viandar de La Vera; the Descuernacabras gorge, in Valdecañas de Tajo; and that of Río Tíetar, in Villanueva de la Vera.

In the section of optimal rivers for a good dip are the Almonte, with the area of ​​La Calera in Cabañas del Castillo; two areas of the Árrago, as it passes through Cadalso (Los Pilares); the same river is the bathing area of ​​Las Reinas, in Santibáñez el Alto. In Castañar de Ibor you can enjoy a summer day at La Presa, on the Ibor River.

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Jerte Valley

In Jerte, one of the most appreciated regions of Extremadura along with La Vera or Sierra de Gata for its natural pools, there are four areas controlled by Health, and the three bathing areas that Navaconcejo has in the Jerte riverbed. In the same river, and in Plasencia, we find La Isla.

Las Hurdes

In Las Hurdes, the bathing areas that appear on the Health list are the river beach of the Los Angeles River, in Pinofranqueado, and the Ladrillar River, in Las Mestas.

Sierra de Gata

The Sierra de Gata, also highly appreciated for its natural pools, stands out above all for the banks of its rivers. In this case, the Nayade list includes those of Acebo (Carreciá and Jevero) and the rivera de Gata, or natural pool of La Alameda, in Moraleja.


  • 1. Holly

  • 2. Holly

  • 3. Houses of Don Pedro
    Calicantos beach (blue flag)

  • 4. castuera
    Zújar Island (blue flag)

  • 5. Gallows
    Los Cachones, on the river Árrago

  • 6. Chels
    Alqueva river beach (blue flag)

  • 7. Blacksmith of the Duke
    Peloche beach (blue flag)

  • 8. Medellin
    River beach on the Guadiana river

  • 9. Merida
    Proserpina Reservoir, also known as La Charca

  • 10. Orellana the Old
    Costa Dulce (blue flag)

  • 11. Brickwork
    Natural pool of Las Mestas

  • 12. Talarrubias
    Puerto Peña beach (blue flag)

  • 13. Navacouncil
    El Pilar (Jerte River)

  • 14. Navacouncil
    The Christ (Jerte River)

  • 15. Pine franked
    Los Angeles River

  • 16. Villanueva de la Serena
    Entrerio Beach

  • 17. Santibanez el Alto
    Las Reinas or river Árrago

  • 18. Orellana de la Sierra
    The Plains (Orellana)

  • 19. Navacouncil
    Benidorm (Jerte River)

  • 20. Madrigal of La Vera
    Alardos Gorge

  • 21. Valdecañas de Tajo
    Descuernacabras Gorge

  • 22. Jarandilla de la Vera
    Jaranda Gorge

  • 23. Villanueva de la Vera
    minchones throat

  • 24. Viandar de la Vera
    Moro river gorge

  • 25. Losar de la Vera
    Quarters Gorge

  • 26. Moral
    The Alameda

  • 27. Plasencia
    Channel of the Island (Jerte river)

  • 28. Gallows
    The pillars

  • 29. Castle Cabins

  • 30. Ibor Chestnut
    The prey

  • 31. Hemp
    Otter Pool

  • 32. Tower of Don Miguel
    San Juan Creek

  • 33. Belfry
    Beach in the Orellana reservoir (blue flag)

  • 34. Alange
    Alange reservoir (blue flag)

  • 35. Villanueva del Fresno
    Molino de la Porra Beach (Alqueva)

  • 36. Hemp
    Cancho del Fresno Reservoir

  • 37. Usage
    Bank of the Usagre River


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