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These are the 47 singular trees of Extremadura, with their location

Castaño de Calabazas, in Castañar de Ibor. / today

The regional catalog includes seven cork oaks, five holm oaks and five oaks, among many other species

Antonio J Armero

The catalog of unique trees in Extremadura is currently made up of a total of 47 specimens, of which ninety percent are over 250 years old, according to the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Sustainability, which has already begun actions aimed to improve the state of conservation of ten of them. The list -which includes groups of trees- is as follows:

7 cork oaks The dehesa (Belvís de Monroy), the ash forest (Aldeanueva del Camino), the cercones (Higuera de Albalat), the Galaperales (Bodonal de la Sierra), Venero (Romangordo), El Abuelo (Alburquerque ) and two in Mirabel (the one with the meadow and the Our Father or Saint).

5 oaks The one from Solano (Valdefuentes), del Romo (Badajoz), La Nieta (Torre de Santa María), La Terrona (Zarza de Montánchez) and those from Puebla del Maestre (there are two copies: the Pilgrimage and the Relics) .

5 oaks Grande de la Solana (Barrado, to be discontinued), de la Nava (Berzocana), Prado Sancho (Cabezuela del Valle), del Acarreadero or Romanejo (Cabezabellosa), del Saltadero (Villanueva de La Vera, to be discontinued).

5 chestnuts From Calabazas (Castañar de Ibor), from Escarpia (Casas del Monte), from Cobijo (San Martín de Trevejo), from Temblar (Segura de Toro) and from Escondelobos (Casas del Castañar) and the two from the Fuente de las Escobachas in the same town, although one will be discontinued).

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2 junipers From Carrascalejo (Carrascalejo) and from the Mestas (Brick).

2 yews From Escobarejo and those from Cerezal (Losar de La Vera).

17 of other varieties Hackberry from Lugar Nuevo (Serradilla), Charneca del Cuquil (Casas de Don Pedro), Madroña de Guijarroblanco (Pinofranqueado), Mesto de la Dehesa (Berzocana), pines from Tienza (Badajoz), royal almond tree (Valverde de Leganés), cedar from Gata (Gata, to be discontinued), La Mimbre bald cypress (Fregenal de la Sierra), Durán magnolia (Villanueva de la Sierra), Orellana de la Sierra olive grove, La Tapada olive tree (La Morera), Belén elms (Cabeza del Buey), palm trees and cinnamon trees from Pilar (Don Benito), banana from Vivero (Coria), birch from Puerto de Honduras (Choker), lorera de la Trout (Alía), gall oaks from Chorrero (Salvaleón).

5 discontinued in the previous update El Abuelo cork oak (Toril), La Marquesa oak (Navalmoral), Los Baselisos elm (Maguilla), La Mina pine (Aldeanueva de La Vera) and the Garganta la Olla Big Horse.

The reasons that justify that a specimen be defined as singular are multiple. «The protection and conservation of these trees –explains the Ministry– is sometimes justified by their extraordinary biometric characteristics in terms of size and advanced age, or by the popular interest to which they are the object; also simply for being highly known, or for being part of cultural phenomena in the area».

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