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These are the 67 new Dual FP cycles that Extremadura will offer

The Vocational Training offer for the next academic year in Extremadura is growing. The Board highlights that this type of education is going to have a very important boost, since the offer is going to increase by almost 110 percent.

Thus, the next 2022-2023 academic year there will be 67 new Dual FP training cycles which, added to the existing 65, will double the Dual offer in a single course, with 132 cycles in total in this modality.

The general director of Vocational Training and Training for Employment, Manuel Gómez, has detailed the training offer, after the meeting of the Regional Council of Vocational Training -with the trade unions, employers and FEMPEX-.

“We increased the Dual modality by 108%. This gives us a sum of 132 cycles, which is 24% of the vocational training offer in Dual mode. It is a record figure at a national level, we believe that we are on the right track and we are going to continue betting on it”, Manuel Gómez highlighted.

In this sense, the Ministry of Education and Employment values ​​the collaboration with the regional productive fabric. «I want to publicly thank both the unions and, above all, the employers for the commitment they are making to welcome this modality. We have to remember that in order to carry out this modality we need the companies, we need the self-employed from Extremadura and, until now, we are not having any kind of resistance, quite the contrary: a maximum collaboration of the entire productive fabric to sign those Dual agreements with training centers and thus be able to develop such ambitious training as Dual Vocational Training is”, assured the head of Vocational Training.

In addition, he stressed that administrative simplification is also having great importance in this growth. «Instead of signing an agreement where there is a center with a cycle with a company, we are signing framework agreements and framework agreements, where an association and a group sign with the Ministry of Education and Employment to make available all the Vocational Training teachings », explained the CEO.

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The Ministry of Education and Employment is going to transform 55 existing training cycles into Duals and, in addition, it is going to implement 12 new cycles in this modality.

In addition to the Dual Vocational Training cycles, the Ministry of Education and Employment will continue to renew and adapt the Vocational Training offer to the needs of the productive fabric and the environment. For this reason, next year there will be 24 implementations of face-to-face training cycles, distance learning and specialization courses.

15 new face-to-face cycles

Of the 24 new implementations, 15 will be new face-to-face training cycles (including 12 Dual Vocational Training).

These cycles are the Basic Degree of Administrative Services, at the IES de Llerena; the cycle of Basic Degree of Manufacturing and Assembly, in the CEPA Master Martín Cisneros, of Cáceres; the Basic Degree of Carpentry and Furniture, from the IES Virgen de Guadalupe, in Cáceres; the Intermediate Degree of Emergencies and Civil Protection, of the IES Luis Chamizo, of Don Benito (Dual FP); the Intermediate Degree of Auxiliary Nursing Care, from the IES Eugenio Frutos, Guareña (Dual FP); the Intermediate Degree of Restoration Service, from the IES Valle del Ambroz, de Hervás (Dual FP); the Intermediate Degree in Auxiliary Nursing Care, from the IES Gabriel y Galán, in Montehermoso (Dual FP); the Superior Degree of Oral Hygiene, from the IES Castelar, Badajoz (Dual FP); the Superior Degree of Livestock and animal assistance, from the IES Virgen de Bótoa, Badajoz (Dual FP); the Higher Degree in Livestock and Animal Assistance, from the Don Benito Rural Training Center (Dual FP); the Higher Degree in Industrial Mechatronics, from the IES El Pomar, in Jerez de los Caballeros (Dual FP); the Higher Degree in Early Childhood Education, from the IES Santa Eulalia, in Mérida (Dual FP); the Superior Degree of Oral Hygiene, from the IES Alagón, Coria (Dual FP); the Higher Degree in Renewable Energies, from the IES Zurbarán, Navalmoral de la Mata (FP Dual); and the Higher Degree in Tourist Guide, Information and Marketing, from the IES Sierra de Santa Bárbara, in Plasencia.

“More than 50% of the offer is focused on Higher Degrees, it should also be noted that we are implanting it in all corners of Extremadura and also taking rural environments very much into account,” said Manuel Gómez.

In addition, the Ministry of Education and Employment will implement three new distance cycles (on-line). There are two Intermediate Grades: Cooking and Gastronomy, at the IES San Fernando, in Badajoz; and of Pharmacy and Parapharmacy, in the IES José Manzano, of Don Benito. In addition, a cycle of Superior Degree, of Administration and finances, in the IES Luis de Morales, of Arroyo de la Luz.

Specialization courses

The offer of Specialization Courses, called FP master’s degrees, will also continue to increase, with six more for the next course. This is a course on digitalization of industrial maintenance, at the IES Ciudad Jardín, in Badajoz; CE of Additive Manufacturing, at the IES San José, Badajoz; CE of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, at the IES Albarregas, in Mérida; CE of Cell Cultures, at the IES Sáenz de Buruaga, in Mérida; CE of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, at the IES Augustóbriga, in Navalmoral de la Mata; and EC of Maintenance and safety in hybrid and electric vehicle systems, at the IES Javier García Téllez, in Cáceres.

The offer in Extremadura will reach a total of 17 Specialization Courses, the eleven already offered plus the six new ones.

Suppressed training cycles

Likewise, the next academic year three training cycles will be abolished. It is about the Intermediate Degree cycle of Administrative Management, of the IES Siberia Extremeña, of Talarrubias; of the cycle of Intermediate Grade of Commercial Activities, of the IES Antonio de Nebrija, of Zalamea de la Serena; and the Intermediate Degree cycle of Administrative Management, from the Alcántara Institute.

“These are cycles that were already somewhat weak and what we are going to work on -from now on- is the substitution to be able to provide an alternative to these three offers that are suppressed”, explained Manuel Gómez.

Substituted Cycles

In addition, in the vocational training offer for the next academic year, there are four cycles that have been replaced.

In such a way that, in the IES Muñoz Torrero, in Cabeza del Buey, the Intermediate Level cycle of Care for people in situations of dependency has been replaced by that of Auxiliary Nursing Care (also Intermediate); At the IES Los Moriscos, in Hornachos, the Intermediate Level training cycle of Care for people in situations of dependency has been changed to the Restoration Service, also Intermediate.

In addition, at the IES Pérez Comendador, in Plasencia, the Higher Grade training cycle of Building Projects has been replaced by that of Interior Works, Decoration and Rehabilitation (Intermediate Grade); and, finally, at the IES San Martín, in Talayuela, the training cycle of Basic Vocational Training in Administrative Services has been changed to that of Agro-gardening and floral compositions, of Basic Degree.

“We want to continue betting on the replacement of cycles that begin to stop working for multiple reasons, and adapt to the demands and circumstances of each area of ​​Extremadura, offering opportunities for economic, social and personal development”, highlighted the General Director of Training Professional and Training for Employment.

In addition, the recently approved Organic Law 3/2022, of March 31, on the Organization and Integration of Vocational Training, will allow the development and implementation of Vocational Training that responds to new business and personal challenges.

The admission period for the next course will begin on May 27, until June 27, 2022. Applications will be made electronically.

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